Agilent HP 8591E

9KHz-1.8GHz Spectrum Analyser

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The Agilent HP 8591E is a  microwave spectrum analyser offering high frequency testing up to 1.8GHz
With a frequency range of 9KHz to 1.8GHz, the Agilent HP 8591E is ideal for site monitoring applications. Its portable design makes it ideal for field testing

The Agilent HP can be used in the lab for characterization of components, manufactring and R&D. With Auto Set Up, the device is designed for ease of use. Optional GPIB and RS232 ports

• Frequency accuracy  ±1.2 kHz
• Amplitude range -29dBm to +30 dBm
• Average noise level –129 dBm


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      001       75 ohm BNC (f) input    
      004       Precision frequency reference    
      010       Built-in 100 kHz - 1.8 GHz tracking gen., 50 ohm output    
      011       Built-in 1 MHz - 1.8 GHz tracking generator, 75 ohm output

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