Test Equipment Clearance list

Posted on 22/02/2016
ModelProductDescriptionPrice €Price £
Agilent HP 54616B Oscilloscope Digital500MHz Bandwidth/ 2GS, 2 Ch, mono display810630
Agilent HP 54832BOscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 1GHz bandwidth, 4GS/s, 2Mpts/ Ch memory35102720
Agilent HP 54833DOscilloscope Digital080 (16 Mpts on half the acquisition Channels (interleaved) or 8 Mpts on ea Ch acquisition Channel)/ SPI & I2C installed40403130
Agilent HP 54845A Oscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 1.5GHz Bandwidth,4GSa/s30302350
Agilent HP DSO3102A Oscilloscope Digital100MHz/ 1GS, 2 Ch720560
Agilent HP DSO3202A Oscilloscope Digital200MHz/ 1GS, 2 Ch990770
Agilent HP DSO6034A Oscilloscope Digital300MHz, 2GS/s, 4 Ch, 2Mpts, LAN/ GPIB/ 2 USB Host31502440
Agilent HP DSO6054AOscilloscope Digital500MHz Bandwidth, 4GS/s, 4 Ch, 2Mpts memory, LAN/ GPIB/ 2 USB Host/ 1USB Device44903470
Agilent HP DSO6102AOscilloscope Digital2 Ch, 1GHz, Sample Rate 2GSa/s~4GSa/s, USB/GPIB/LAN output, 8 Mpts memory]46503600
Agilent HP DSO6104AOscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 1GHz, Sample Rate 2GSa/s~4GSa/s, USB/GPIB/LAN output, 8 Mpts memory]57004410
Agilent HP DSO91204AOscilloscope Digital12 GHz bandwidth, 40 GSa/s on ea Ch of 4 analog Channels, 20 Mpts memory per Channel, opt 800 (Standard hard drive))/ with Keysight fresh cal data3587027720
Agilent HP 54832DOscilloscope Digital Mixed Signal1GHz Bandwidth, 4GS/s, 4 Analog Ch + 16 Digital Ch Mixed Oscilloscope, OS Widow 98, Color LCD Display, option 080 (Memory Upgrade 2M/ Ch to 8M/ Ch)/ Logic Probe (54826-68701)39503060
Agilent HP 54832DOscilloscope Digital Mixed Signal1GHz Bandwidth, 4GS/s, 4 Analog Ch + 16 Digital Ch Mixed Oscilloscope, OS Widow XP, Color LCD Display, option 080 (Memory Upgrade 2M/ Ch to 8M/ Ch)/ Logic Probe (54826-68701)43903400
Agilent HP MSO6104A Oscilloscope Digital Mixed Signal4 Ch 1GHz Bandwidth/ 4GS, 2Mpts , LAN, USB, GPIB and XGA, opt 8MH (8Mpts half Ch/ 4Mpts ea Ch Ch)62904860
Agilent HP MSO7104A Oscilloscope Digital Mixed Signal4 analog Ch & 16 bit Logic, 1GHz Bandwidth, 4GS/S, 8Mpts MegaZoom III deep memory74605770
Agilent HP 86106BOscilloscope Digital Sampling Module 28 GHz Optical / 40 GHz Electrical Plug-in Module61404750
Fluke 196BOscilloscope Digital HandheldHand type O'scope 100MHz bandwidth, 1GS/s, mono LCD13201020
LeCroy LT364 Oscilloscope Digital500MHz, 1GS/s, 4 Ch, 250Kpts/s Record length20201570
LeCroy LT374Oscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 500MHz, 4.0GS/s Sample Rate, Record Length 250Kpts, Thermal Printer25201950
LeCroy SDA6000AOscilloscope Digital4 Ch 6 GHz Serial Data Analyser, 10GS & 4Mpts for 4 Ch mode/ 20GS & 8Mpts for 2 Chl, H/W option -XXL/ GPIB1 S/W option ET/ SDA110908570
LeCroy WaveMaster 8600AOscilloscope Digital6GHz Bandwidth, 4 Ch, 20GS on 2 Ch/ 10GS on 4 Ch, Memory 100Mpts for 2 Ch/ 50Mpts for 4 Ch, LPA-SMA or LPA-BNC 4ea78906100
LeCroy WavePro7200A Oscilloscope Digital2GHz bandwidth, 4 Ch, 20GSa/S, dual Ch 48Mpts,window XP, opt VL70605460
LeCroy WavePro7300A Oscilloscope Digital3GHz, 4 Ch, 20GSa/S, dual Ch 48Mpts,window 2000, opt I2C/ JLITE/ SPI/ XL90707010
LeCroy WavePro950Oscilloscope Digital1GHz/ 4 Ch/ single 16GS/s, 4GS/s/ memory 1M20201570
LeCroy WaveRunner 204XiOscilloscope Digital2GHz Bandwidth, 5 GS/s Sampling (10GS/s interleaved), 10 Mpts/ Ch96507460
LeCroy DDA-120Oscilloscope Digital Disk Drive AnalyserDisk Drive Analyser, Single 5GS/s 16Mpts, Quad 2GS/s 4Mpts, Ch3 error1010790
LeCroy TF-SATASATA Test FixtureSerial ATA Test Fixture13201020
Tektronix P7240 Active Probe4GHz Active 13201020
Tektronix A6303XLCurrent Probe17MHz, 8m length, 20A Current probe710550
Tektronix TCP0030Current ProbeCURRENT PROBE 30A AC/DC 120MHz27002090
Tektronix TCP202Current ProbeAC/DC Current Probe, DC to 50MHz, 15A (DC+peak AC), Max peak 50A13501050
Tektronix TCP303Current ProbeAC/DC Current Probe (15MHz,150A)16201260
Tektronix TCPA300Current Probe AMPCurrent Probe: 100 MHz, Amplifier14301110
Tektronix P5210Differential ProbeDifferential Probe 50MHz, 100:1/1000:113201020
Tektronix P6247 Differential Probe1.0 GHz Bandwidth 1260980
Tektronix P6248Differential Probe1.5GHz BW, 265ps Rise time, X1/X10 attenuation18001400
Tektronix P6015AHigh Voltage Probe75MHz, 20KV, 1000X 1260980
Tektronix TLA715 Logic AnalyserTLA7L2 (68 Ch Logic Analyser Module with MagniVu Acquisition)30302350
Tektronix DPO7054Oscilloscope Digital500MHz Bandwidth, 10GS/s for 1 Ch, 40Mpts for 1 Ch62904860
Tektronix DPO7104Oscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 1GHz Bandwidth, Sampling 20GS/s for single Ch, Record length 40M (1 Ch.)107608320
Tektronix DPO7254Oscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 2.5GHz Bandwidth, 40GS/s, 12.1 in Ch XGA Display, opt PWR (DPOPWR Power measurement & analysis S/W)/ 2RL (max 80MSamples, 20MSamples/ Ch), external printer1525011790
Tektronix DPO7254Oscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 2.5GHz Bandwidth, 40GS/s, 12.1 in Ch XGA Display, opt 2RL (max 80MSamples, 20MSamples/ Ch)1346010400
Tektronix DPO7254Oscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 2.5GHz Bandwidth, 40GS/s, 12.1 in Ch XGA Display, opt PWR (DPOPWR Power measurement & analysis S/W)/ 2RL (max 80MSamples, 20MSamples/ Ch)1435011090
Tektronix DPO7354Oscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 3.5GHz bandwidth, 40GS/s, JA3 (TDSJIT3 advanced jitter analysis s/w)1614012470
Tektronix DSA70404 Oscilloscope Digital4GHz Bandwidth, 25GS/s, opt TDSDVI (DVI Compliance Test Solution)/ 2XL (31.25 MS/ Ch)/ MTH (Mask testing for Serial Standards. Includes hardware clock recovery for up to 3.125 Gb/s)/ PTH1 (3.125Gb/S Serial pattern trigger)/ RTE (RT-Eye Serial Data Compliance and Analysis Software)/ JA3 (TDSJIT3 Advantestanced Jitter and Timing Measurements)/ PTD (Protocol Decoding for 8b/10b-encoded Serial Signals)1310010130
Tektronix DSA70604 Oscilloscope Digital6GHz Bandwidth, 25GS/s, opt 2XL (20M/ Ch memory)/ MTH (Mask testing for Serial Standards. Includes hardware clock recovery for up to 3.125 Gb/s)/ PTH (serial pattern trigger)/ ASM (Advanced Sear Ch & Mark)/ RTE (RT-Eye Serial Compliance and Analysis)/ JA3 (TDSJIT3 Advanced Jitter and Timing Measurements)/ TDSPTDPTD (Protocol Decoding for 8b/10b-encoded Serial Signals)1512011690
Tektronix TDS1012Oscilloscope Digital2 Ch, 100Mhz Bandwidth, 1GS/s, 25K memory, mono LCD810630
Tektronix TDS2012BOscilloscope Digital2 Ch, 100MHz, 1GS/s, Color Display, USB1010790
Tektronix TDS2012COscilloscope Digital2 Ch, 100MHz, 1GS/s, Color Display, USB port13201020
Tektronix TDS2022Oscilloscope Digital2 Ch, 200MHz, 2GS/s, 2500pts, Color LCD Display13201020
Tektronix TDS2024 Oscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 200MHz, 2GS/s, 2500pts, Color LCD Display15201180
Tektronix TDS3012Oscilloscope Digital100MHz 2 Ch910710
Tektronix TDS3032Oscilloscope Digital2 Ch, 300MHz Bandwidth, 2.5GS/s, 10K/ Ch, Color LCD17201330
Tektronix TDS3032BOscilloscope Digital2 Ch, 300MHz Bandwidth, 2.5GS/s, 10K/ Ch, Color LCD20201570
Tektronix TDS3032COscilloscope Digital2 Ch, 300MHz, 2.5GS/s, 10K memory, USB I/F26302040
Tektronix TDS3034Oscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 300MHz Bandwidth, 2.5GS/s, 10K/ Ch memory, Color LCD22201720
Tektronix TDS3034B Oscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 300MHz Bandwidth, 2.5GS/s, 10K/ Ch memory, Color LCD25201950
Tektronix TDS3052Oscilloscope Digital2 Ch, 500MHz Bandwidth 5GS/s, Color LCD Display, 10K memory per Ch20201570
Tektronix TDS3052BOscilloscope Digital2 Ch, 500MHz Bandwidth 5GS/s, Color LCD Display, 10K memory per Ch25201950
Tektronix TDS3054Oscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 500MHz Bandwidth 5GS/s, Color LCD Display, 10K memory per Ch27202110
Tektronix TDS3054B Oscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 500MHz Bandwidth 5GS/s, Color LCD Display, 10K memory per Ch30302350
Tektronix TDS5034BOscilloscope Digital350MHz Bandwidth/ 5GS/ 4 Ch30702380
Tektronix TDS5104 Oscilloscope Digital1GHz Bandwidth, 5GS/s, 4 Ch, 400Kpts memory40403130
Tektronix TDS7054 Oscilloscope Digital500MHz, 4 Ch, 5/5/2.5/2.5 GSa/s, 10.4"LCD30302350
Tektronix TDS7154Oscilloscope Digital1.5GHz Bandwidth, 4 Ch, 20GSa/s, 10Kpts memory50403900
Tektronix TDS7154B Oscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 1.5GHz Up to 7.5 GHz 60504680
Tektronix TDS7254Oscilloscope Digital2.5GHz Bandwidth, 20GS/s, 4Mpts memory60504680
Tektronix TDS7404 Oscilloscope Digital4GHz Bandwidth, 20GS/s70605460
Tektronix TDS7404 Oscilloscope Digital4GHz Bandwidth, 20GS/s, option 1M (2Mpts memory)/ ST (serial pattern trigger)75605850
Tektronix TDS7404BOscilloscope Digital4GHz Bandwidth, 20GS/s90707010
Tektronix TDS7704B Oscilloscope Digitalopt 2M (8M max, 2M/ Ch)/ RT (EYE Serial Comliance/ Analysis)/ PCI (Express Compliance Module)105308140
Tektronix TDS794D Oscilloscope Digital4 Ch, 2GHz/4GS Color Display, Record Length 50Kpts20201570
Tektronix THS720AOscilloscope Digital HandheldHand type O'scope, 100 MHz Bandwidth, 500MS/s per Channel910710
Tektronix THS720POscilloscope Digital HandheldHand type O'scope, 100 MHz Bandwidth, 500MS/s per Channel1060820
Tektronix THS730AOscilloscope Digital HandheldHand type O'scope, 200 MHz Bandwidth, 1GS/s1140890
Tektronix MSO4032Oscilloscope Digital Mixed SignalAnalog 350MHz, 2 Ch, 16 digital Ch53804160
Tektronixtronix CSA8000BDCAwith 80C08B-CR1/ 80C03-CR87706780
Spectrum Analysers
ModelProductDescriptionPrice €Price £
Advantest R3265A Spectrum Analyser100Hz to 8GHz,, 10Hz to 3MHz RBW18001400
Advantest R3267Spectrum Analyser8GHz16201260
Advantest R3273 Spectrum Analyser26.5GHz, opt 01/ 61/ 62/ 65/ 6731502440
Advantest R3465 Spectrum Analyser9kHz to 8GHz, 300Hz - 3MHz RBW, 1Hz - 3MHz VBW16201260
Advantest R3477Spectrum Analyser9KHz to 13.5GHz, Dynamic Range +30 to -168dBm27002090
Advantest U3661Spectrum Analyser9KHz to 26.5GHz28302190
Advantest R3365A Spectrum Analyser with TG100Hz to 8GHz,, 10Hz to 3MHz RBW, Tracking Generator35902780
Agilent HP 35665ADynamic Singnal AnalyserDual- Channel Dynamic Signal Analyser, 244uHz to 102.4KHz, Network/ Spectrum/ waveform/ transient analysis17601360
Agilent HP 35670ADynamic Singnal Analyseropt 1D2 (Swept sine measurements)43903400
Agilent HP 3589A Network / Spectrum AnalyserHP Spectrum and Vector Network Analyser, 10Hz~150MHz, 35689A (S Parameter Test Set for 3589A)30702380
Agilent HP 35660ASpectrum Analyser Ch1 488uHz to 102.4kHz/ Ch2 244uHz to 51.2kHz15301190
Agilent HP 8560ESpectrum Analyser30Hz to 2.9GHz22401740
Agilent HP 8561E Spectrum Analyser30Hz - 6.5GHz, 1Hz - 1MHz RBW29702300
Agilent HP 8561ECSpectrum Analyser30Hz - 6.5GHz35902780
Agilent HP 8562A Spectrum Analyser9 kHz - 22 GHz31502440
Agilent HP 8563ESpectrum Analyser26.5GHz 58304510
Agilent HP 8563ECSpectrum Analyser30Hz to 26.5GHz, 1Hz to 1MHz Resolution , 0Hz/100Hz to Max frequency Span, Color LCD Display67305200
Agilent HP 8593ESpectrum Analyser9KHz to 22GHz, 1KHz to 3MHz RBW, opt 004 (Precision frequency reference )/ 021/ 130 (Narrow resolution bandwidths)35102720
Agilent HP 8596ESpectrum Analyser9KHz - 12.8GHz, 041 (GPIB and Parallel dual interface)/ 101 (Fast time-domain sweeps and Analog + display)/ 140 (Narrow resolution bandwidths/precision frequency reference)28802230
Agilent HP E4407BSpectrum AnalyserESA-E Spectrum Analyze, 9KHz - 26.5GHz, Dynamic Range 90.5dB/99dB, 1KHz - 5MHz RBW, 30Hz - 3MHz VBW, 1FDD80806250
Agilent HP ESA-L1500ASpectrum Analyser9kHz - 1.5GHz, Dynamic Range : -120dBm - +30dBm, 1Hz - 3MHz RBW14301110
Agilent HP U3751Spectrum Analyser9kHz-8GHz, 300Hz -3MHz RBW35102720
Agilent HP 8591EMSpectrum Analyser for EMCSpectrum/ EMC Analyser 9KHz to 1.8GHz22401740
Agilent HP 8591ESpectrum Analyser with TG010 ( Built-in 100 kHz - 1.8 GHz tracking generator)/ 041 ( GPIB and Parallel dual interface )16201260
Agilent HP 8595ESpectrum Analyser with TG9kHz - 6.5GHz, 010 (Built-in 100 kHz - 2.9 GHz tracking generator)/ 041 (GPIB and Parallel dual interface)/ 101 (Fast time domain sweeps)/ 140 (Narrow resolution BW and precision frequency reference)29002250
Agilent HP E4411BSpectrum Analyser/ CATV Analyser049 (Color display)/ B72 (Expansion Memory)/ 1DP (75 Ohm input impedance)/ 227 (cable TV service and installation measurement personality A02.08)/ A4J (IF and sweep ports)/ A4H (GPIB and Centronics)35102720
Anritsu MS2663ASpectrum Analyser9kHz~8.1GHz, 1KHz to 5MHz RBW, Color Display, opt 01, 03, 04, 06, 0913501050
Rohde & Schwarz FSEB30Spectrum Analyser20Hz to 7GHz, opt B4 (Low Phase Noise)/ B5 (FFT Bandwidth 1Hz~1KHz)35902780
Sunrise AT2500R3Spectrum Analyser/ Video AnalyerQAM25652704080
Tektronix RTPA2ASpectrum Analyser Adapter for RSAInterface Tektronix P7000 series high-performance active and differential probes to Tektronix real-time spectrum Analysers15901230
Tektronix 2714Spectrum Analyser for CATV1.8GHz, 75ohm, opt 2707 TG1010790
Tektronix RSA3303ASpectrum Analyser Real TimeDC to 3GHz, opt A1 (Europea plug)/ 02 (65.5 M sample Deep Memory, Frequency Mask Trigger.)/ 21 (Advanced Measurement Suite (General Purpose Demodulation, RFID, Signal Source Analysis))61404750
Tektronix RSA3408ASpectrum Analyser Real TimeDC to 8GHz, 0.1Hz Resolution, option 06 (Removalble hard disk drive)/ L5/ 02 (256 MB data memory with frequency mask trigger)/ 29 (WLAN 802.11a/b/g analysis software)89706930
Tektronix RSA3408BSpectrum Analyser Real TimeDC to 8GHz, 0.1Hz Resolution, opt 06/ 21/ 29/ L5/ A6/ 02/ 03/ 05107608320
Network Analyser
ModelProductDescriptionPrice €Price £
Anritsu 37369ANetwork Analyser40MHz to 40GHz, S parameter opt 2A (High-speed time (distance) domain capability)/10A1346010400
Agilent HP 8720ANetwork Analyser20GHz53804160
Agilent HP 8720ESNetwork Analyser50MHz to 20GHz, 1Hz Resolution, OPT 010 ,1D52063015940
Agilent HP 8753C Network Analyser300KHz - 6GHz, -5 dBm - +20 dBm27002090
Agilent HP 8753DNetwork Analyser6GHz40403130
Agilent HP 8753ENetwork Analyser30KHz to 3GHz40403130
Agilent HP 8753ES Network Analyser30KHz to 6GHz, opt 00658304510
Agilent HP 8753ES Network Analyser30KHz to 3GHz44903470
Agilent HP E5100ANetwork Analyser10kHz to 300MHz 15901230
Agilent HP E5100BNetwork Analyser10kHz to 300MHz 20201570
Agilent HP E8358A Network AnalyserPNA Network Analyser, 300 kHz - 9 GHz, option 010 (Time domain capability)/ 015 (Configurable test set)116609010
Rohde & Schwarz ZVR4 Network Analyser4GHz, N type, opt B21/ B23/ B2430302350
Signal Generator
ModelProductDescriptionPrice €Price £
Agilent HP 8904A Function SynthesizerSine : DC ~ 600KHz , Square, Ramp, Triangle : DC ~ 50KHz, opt 001/ 002/ 003/ 006710550
Agilent HP 81101APulse Generator1mHz to 50MHz Pulse/ Pattern Generato18001400
Agilent HP 81104A Pulse Generator1mHz to 80MHz Pulse/ Pattern Generator, Up to 20Vpp (into 50 ohm), opt 81105A 2 units27002090
Agilent HP 81110A Pulse Generator1mHz to 330MHz, opt 81112A 2 units35902780
Agilent HP 81110A Pulse Generator1mHz to 165MHz, opt 81111A 1 units40403130
Agilent HP 8114APulse Generator1 Ch, 100Vpp/2A, 1Hz to 15MHz 125509700
Agilent HP 8130APulse GeneratorSingle Ch, 300MHz26302040
Agilent HP 8131A Pulse Generatorsingle Ch, 500MHz repetition rate, 0.50ns to 99.9ms width20201570
Agilent HP 8131A Pulse GeneratorDual Ch, 500MHz repetition rate, 0.50ns to 99.9ms width30702380
Agilent HP 8133A Pulse Generator33MHz to 3GHz/ 100KHz Resolution25201950
Agilent HP 83711ASignal Generator1 to 20GHz with 1KHz resolution27002090
Agilent HP 83711BSignal Generator1GHz-20GHz, 1KHz Res, 1E1 (step attenuator)/ 1E9 (3.5mm RF output connector)35902780
Agilent HP 8648ASignal Generator9KHz to 1GHz Signal Generator810630
Agilent HP 8648C Signal GeneratorFrequency Range 9kHz - 3.2GHz, Frequency Resolution 0.001Hz1210940
Agilent HP 8648D Signal Generator9 kHz - 4 GHz, Frequency Resolution .001 Hz20201570
Agilent HP 8665BSignal Generator100KHz to 6GHz, opt 001 (Add high stability timebase)/ 004 (Enhanced spectral purity)39503060
Agilent HP 8665BSignal Generator100KHz to 6GHz, opt 001 (High Stability)/ 008 (Pulse Modulation)46503600
Agilent HP E4421BSignal Generator1EM/ UNB19401500
Agilent HP E4432A Signal Generator250KHz to 3GHz, 0.01Hz Resolution, 1EM (Moves all front panel connectors to rear panel)/ H03 (Single Channel CDMA personality)13501050
Agilent HP E4433BSignal Generator4GHz, rear panel output 1EM , UN5 , UN8 , UND26302040
Agilent HP MG3672A Signal Generator300KHz to 2.8GHz Signal Generator15901230
Agilent HP 8341BSignal Generator Synthesized Swept20GHz Signal Generator40403130
Agilent HP 83650BSignal Generator Synthesized Swept50GHz Synthesized Sweep Generator, option 001 (step attenuator)/ 008 (1-Hz frequency resolution)2367018290
Agilent HP 8780A Signal Generator VectorVector Signal Generator - 10 MHz to 3 GHz IF testing, opt 00215201180
Anritsu 68037CSignal Generator2GHz to 20GHz CW Generator, Max Outpput 20dBm, display has two parallel line, opt 14 (Rack Mount)/ 15A (High Power Output)39503060
Anritsu 69017BSignal GeneratorSynthesized Sweep Signal Generator, 10MHz to 8.4GHz CW Generator, opt 2E (120dB electronic step attenuator 10dB step)/ 19 (SCPI programmability)35902780
Keithley 2910Signal GeneratorContinuous frequency range of 400MHz~2.5GHz spans key mobile wireless frequency bands, 40MHz modulation bandwidth using internally generated modulation 57004410
LeCroy 9210Pulse Generator9211 (250MHz Variable Edge Output Module)/ 9214 (300MHz 300ps Edge Output Module)710550
Marconi/ IFR 2051Signal Generator10kHz - 2.7GHz, Frequency Resolution 0.1Hz15901230
Rohde & Schwarz SMHU Signal Generator4.32GHz Signal Generator15201180
Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ03BSignal Generator300KHz - 3.3GHz, 0.1Hz Resolution, opt B10/ B1130702380
Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ06BSignal Generator6.4GHz, opt SM-B5/ SMIQB11 (Data Generator)/ SMIQB12/ SMIQB2061404750
Rohde & Schwarz SMJ100A Signal GeneratorB11 (Baseband Generator with ARB (16 Msample) and Digital Modulation)/ B13 (Baseband Main Module)/ B103 (100 kHz to 3 GHz)/ K12 (Digital Standard CDMA2000)/ K17 (Digital Standard 1xEV-DO)/ K20 (Digital Standard 3GPP FDD incl. HSDPA)/ K61 (Multicarrier CW Signal Generation)35302730
Rohde & Schwarz SMT03Signal Generator5KHz to 3GHz 0.1Hz Resolution, -144dBm to 16dBm output, AM/ FM/ Phase/ Pulse Modulation17601360
Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ03E Signal Generator VectorVector Signal Generator 0.3 GHz - 3.3 GHz 30702380
Tektronix AWG610 AWG2.6GS/s, 8MW record length, 8 bits vertical resolution20201570
Tektronix AWG710 AWG4.0 GS/s, Frequency sine wave 2GHz, 16 M point record length, 1 Ch35902780
Tektronix AWG710BAWG4.2GS/s sample rate/ up to 2.1GHz, 32.4M or 64.8M points62904860
Tektronix DG2020AData GeneratorData Generator14101090
Tektronix DG2040Data GeneratorData Generator26302040
Tektronix DTG5078Data Timing Generator750 Mb/s Data Timing Generator Mainframe (8-Slots)17601360
Tektronix AFG3022BFunction Generator25MHz, dual Ch17601360
Tektronix AFG3101 Function Generator100MHz, 1GS/s, 14bits, Modulation AM/ FM/ PM/ FSK/ PWM, I/F USB/ GPIB and LAN24301880
Tektronix AFG3102Function Generator2 Ch, 100MHz, 1GS/s, 14bits, Modulation AM/ FM/ PM/ FSK/ PWM, I/F USB/ GPIB and LAN31502440
Yokogawa AG4100 AWG1 Ch, Amplitude 5Vpp (no load) 50 ohm output, Max 400MHz clock 12bit resolution, 128K word1010790
Yokogawa FG120Function GeneratorFully independent 2- Channel outputs, DC, 1 uHz to 2 MHz 810630
RF / Wireless Communication
ModelProductDescriptionPrice €Price £
Agilent HP 33320G+33322GAttenuator Programable DC to 4GHz, 33320G 11dB/1dB step, 33322G 110dB/10dB step790620
Agilent HP N4010ABluetooth Analyseropt 101 (Bluetooth)/ 111 (Bluetooth Audio)50403900
Agilent HP E1852A Bluetooth Tester510400
Agilent HP 8542EEMI ReceiverEMI test receiver makes CISPR-based EMI measurements 71805550
Agilent HP 53131AMicrowave CounterFrequency Range A/B .1 Hz - 225 MHz, Frequency Range C 3.0 GHz, opt 030910710
Agilent HP 53132AMicrowave Counter225MHz1170910
Agilent HP 53132AMicrowave Counter3GHz, opt 03018001400
Agilent HP 53150AMicrowave Counter20GHz35902780
Agilent HP 53181A Microwave Counter Ch1 dc to 225MHz / Ch2 100MHz to 3GHz, opt 030910710
Agilent HP 5350BMicrowave Counter2 Ch, Frequency Range ( Ch1):500MHz~20GHz, ( Ch2):10Hz~525MHz15901230
Agilent HP 5361BMicrowave Counter26.5GHz Frequency Counter, opt 02622001700
Agilent HP 8901BModulation Analyser 150 kHz - 1.3 GHz, 50 ohm input, Integral Signal Source "FM,Phase,A"910710
Agilent HP N8973ANoise Figure Analyser10 MHz - 3.0 GHz52704080
Agilent HP 11975A RF AMP2 to 8 GHz and adjustable output of +6 to +16dBm17601360
Agilent HP 8449BRF AMP1.0GHz to 26.5GHz Preamplifier, Gain (mean, per Ch) >=26dB35102720
Agilent HP E4418B RF Power Meter1 Ch, 100 kHz - 110 GHz, Min/Max Power 0.0001 uW - 25.119 W1210940
Agilent HP N1911ARF Power MeterP series single Channel Power Meter53804160
Agilent HP 8495G RF Step Attenuator400MHz-3GHz510400
Agilent HP 8508A RF Vector VoltmeterVector Voltmeter, opt 85082A25201950
Agilent HP E4406ASignal AnalyserVector Signal Analyser, 7MHz ~ 4GHz, opt STD (SERVICE)/ BAC (CDMA)/ STD (BASIC)/ BAF (WCDMA)/ B78 (CDMA2K)/ BAF (ARIBWCDMA)1210940
Agilent HP E4406ASignal Analyser VectorVector Signal Analyser, 7MHz ~ 4GHz1080840
Agilent HP 4352SVCO/PLL Signal Analyser4352B+43521A+8664A48203730
Agilent HP 8920AWireless Communication Analyser60W input, including opt 102 (Spectrum Analyser)29702300
Anritsu MF76A Microwave Counter10Hz to 18GHz1010790
Anritsu MA24106ARF Power MeterUSB RF Power Sensor 50MHz~6GHz14101090
Anritsu ML2437A RF Power MeterCW Power Meter, Single Input610480
Anritsu ML2438ARF Power MeterCW Power Meter, Dual Input910710
Anritsu ML2487RF Power MeterWideband Peak Power Meter17601360
Anritsu V241CRF Power Splitter65GHz Splitter, 50 ohm, input V (m)/ output V (f)1060820
Boonton NC6110Noise GeneratorWhite Gaussian Noise Generator, 100Hz to 1.5GHz, +10dBm35102720
Boonton 9200B RF Volt Meter200uV to 3V 8 ranges, 10Hz to 2.5GHz, opt 01B-111010790
Keithley 7001Switch SystemSwit Ch System Mainframe 2 Slots 310240
Rohde & Schwarz ESHS10Measuring Receiver9KHz~30MHz Test Receiver35102720
Rohde & Schwarz ESVS10Measuring Receiver20MHz~1000MHz Test Receiver70105420
Rohde & Schwarz CMD55 Radio Communication AnalyserOpt B1/ B3/ B4/ B41/ B42/ B43/ B5/ B6/ B61/ B62/ B17/ U5/ B9/ U2018201410
Rohde & Schwarz NRVSRF Power Metersingle Ch RF Power Meter, opt NRV-Z41210940
Rohde & Schwarz NAPRF Power/ Reflection MeterNAP-Z4 (25MHz~1GHz 846-54/012)/ NAP-Z9 (100MHz~1GHz)13201020
Rohde & Schwarz RSPRF Step AttenuatorWideband Peak Power Meter39503060
SRS SR620Microwave CounterUniversal Time Interval Counter 22401740
SRS SR560RF AMPLow-Noise Voltage Preamplifier16201260
SRS SR530 RF AMP Lock-In0.5 Hz to 100 kHz, Current and voltage inputs22001700
SRS SR830RF AMP Lock-InRF AMP Lock-In40403130
SRS SR844RF AMP Lock-InRF AMP Lock-In75605850
Tescom TC-5061ATemcellEffective Shielding: Better than 60 dB, typically 80 dB, 400MHz to 3GHz 13201020
LCR & Component Analysers
ModelProductDescriptionPrice €Price £
Tektronix 370Curve Tracer High VoltageCurve Tracer High Voltage55504290
Tektronix 371Curve Tracer High VoltageHigh voltage curve tracer, 3000V1512011690
Agilent HP 4279ACV Meter1MHz1060820
Keithley 6220DC Current SourceDC Current Source, , Source and sink 100fA to 100mA27002090
Agilent HP 4142BDC Modular Source/Monitor41420A (Source/ Monitor Unit 40uV~200V/ 200fA~1A)/ 41421B (Source Modula Unit 40uV~100V/ 20fA~100mA)/ 41424A (V Source/ V Monitor Unit)/ 41425A (Analog Feedback Unit)25201950
Advantest R6144 DC Voltage/ Current SourceProgrammable DC Voltage/Current Generator DCV : +-0.03%, Max 32V, 1uV resolution DCI : +-0.035%, Max 160mA1010790
Advantest R6145 DC Voltage/ Current SourceProgrammable DC Voltage/Current Source17601360
Keithley 6514Electrometer<1fA noise, >200TΩ input impedance on voltage measurements27002090
Keithley 6517AElectrometerMeasurement resistance up to 10 (16)ohm, 1fA-20mA current measurement range49403820
Agilent HP 4349BHigh Resistance MeterFour Ch High Resistance Meter13201020
Advantest R8340A High Resistance MeterMeasurement of Micro Current from 10fA to 19.999mA1010790
Agilent HP 4195Aimpdeance/ Network/ Spectrum Analyserimpdeance/ Network/ Spectrum Analyser26302040
Agilent HP 4192AImpedance Analyser5Hz to 13MHz 22001700
Agilent HP 4194AImpedance Analyser40MHz65805090
Agilent HP 4291AImpedance Analyser1MHz to 1.8GHz, opt 16192A87706780
Agilent HP 4294AImpedance Analyserwith 42941A2511019400
Agilent HP 16451BImpedance Analyser Test KitDielectric Test Fixture35902780
Agilent HP 4395AImpedance/ Network/ Spectrum AnalyserImpedance/ Network/ Spectrum Analyser78906100
Agilent HP 4396AImpedance/ Network/ Spectrum AnalyserImpedance/ Network/ Spectrum Analyser52704080
Hioki 3532LCR Meter42Hz~5MHz31502440
Agilent HP 4263B LCR MeterFrequency Range : 100 Hz ~ 100 kHz 14101090
Agilent HP 4275A LCR Meter10KHz to 10MHz 10spots15901230
Agilent HP 4284ALCR Meter20 Hz - 1 MHz35902780
Agilent HP 4284ALCR Meter20 Hz - 1 MHz opt 001 (Power Amplifer/DC Bias)49403820
Agilent HP 4285ALCR Meter75kHz ~ 30MHz53804160
Agilent HP 4286ALCR Meter1MHz to 1GHz, with 10kHz steps, 1% basic accuracy, High-speed measurements: 15ms, Head49403820
Agilent HP 4287ALCR Meterwith test head, 1MHz to 3GHz with 100KHz step1704013170
Agilent HP 4338B Milliohm Meter1uA to 10mA Test Signal Current, 10uOhm to 100Kohm1240960
Keithley 2182NanoVoltmeterNano Volt /Micro Ohm Meter22001700
Keithley 2182ANanoVoltmeterNano Volt /Micro Ohm Meter35902780
Keithley 486PicoAmmeterPicoammeter/Voltage Source880680
Keithley 487PicoAmmeterPicoammeter/Voltage Source, 10fA resolution17601360
Agilent HP 4145ASemiconductor AnalyserSemiconductor Analyser13501050
Agilent HP 4145BSemiconductor AnalyserSemiconductor Analyser18001400
Agilent HP 4155A Semiconductor AnalyserSemiconductor Analyser85206590
Agilent HP 4155BSemiconductor AnalyserSemiconductor Analyser116609010
Agilent HP 4156ASemiconductor AnalyserSemiconductor Analyser125509700
Agilent HP 41501ASemiconductor Analyser ExtenderSemiconductor Analyser Extender22001700
Keithley 2430Source Meter100V, 10A, 1000W Pulse Mode49403820
Keithley 2510 ATSource MeterAutotuning TEC SourceMeter 49403820
Optical & Wireless Test
ModelProductDescriptionPrice €Price £
Advantest Q8331Multiwavelength MeterWavelength Range 1270nm to 1680nm, Accuracy ±1 ppm (1.5pm at 1550nm)35102720
Advantest Q7750Optical Network AnalyserOptical Network Analyser 116609010
Advantest Q8344A Optical Spectrum Analyser Wavelength range 350 to 1750 nm71805550
Advantest Q8347 Optical Spectrum Analyser 350nm to 1750nm, 0.01nm accuracy1525011790
Advantest Q8381AOptical Spectrum Analyser 0.6 to 1.75um, 0.1nm Resolution, Dynamic range : 50dB9at +-5nm away), FC type input, GPIB27002090
Advantest Q8383Optical Spectrum Analyser Wavelength 0.55 to 1.75um, Resolution setting 0.1/ 0.2/ 0.5/ 1.0/ 2.0/ 5.0nm40403130
Agilent HP 8164ALightwave Measurement Systemmainframe only49403820
Agilent HP 86060C Lightwave Switch001/ 012/ 051/ 109/ 20817501360
Agilent HP 8156AOptical Attenuatoropt 10122001700
Agilent HP 8153A Optical Multimeter81512SM (Laser Source 1310nm)/ 81534A (Return Loss Module)1080840
Agilent HP 81632B Optical MultimeterPOWER SENSOR , InGaAs ,dBm / -80 dBm910710
Agilent HP 81633AOptical Multimeter800 to 1700 nm InGaAs Optical Power Sensor Modul810630
Agilent HP 81635A Optical MultimeterDual Optical Power Sensor35902780
Agilent HP 8163A Optical Multimetermainframe only25101940
Agilent HP 8163BOptical Multimetermainframe only35902780
Agilent HP 81651A Optical MultimeterLaser Source 1550 nnm810630
Agilent HP 81654AOptical MultimeterDual Fabry-Perot Laser Source Module, 1310nm & 1550nm27002090
Agilent HP 81689A Optical MultimeterTUNEABLE LASER SOURCE Module 1550nm27002090
Agilent HP 86145BOptical Spectrum Analyser 600 to 1700 nm122709480
Agilent HP 8504A Precision RefLeCroytometerReturn loss measurement range beyond 75dB, 25um two-event resolution (in air, 16um in glass), 1300 and 1550 nm wavelength, opt 01250403900
Ando AQ-4137B Light SourceAQ4139 (155)13201020
Ando MN924A Optical AttenuatorSM (10/125um), max 65dB510400
Ando AQ2150 Optical MultimeterSensor Unit (AQ2753)1140890
Ando AQ-1135E Optical Power MeterOptical Power Meter870680
Ando AQ-6315AOptical Spectrum Analyser 350 to 1750 nm1435011090
Anritsu MS9710C Optical Spectrum Analyser 600 to 1750 nm, Wavelength accuracy of +-20 pm (WDM-band), opt 05/1574605770
ThorLab ASE-FL7003Light SourceTotal Output Power>+15dBm (30mW), Spectral Power Density (typical) > -18dBm/nm@1530nm30702380
Power Supply / Power Analysers
ModelProductDescriptionPrice €Price £
Kikusui PLZ6000RElectronic Load30V-400A/ 60V-200A/ 6KW, CC/ CR/ CV/ CP/ CC+CV/ CR+CV mode105308140
Kikusui PLZ603W Electronic LoadCC/ CR/ CV/ CP mode, 5~500V/ 30A/ 600W, 16Kg22001700
Kikusui PCZ1000AElectronic Load AC45Hz to 65Hz, 1000W, 14-280V (rms)/ 20-400Vp, 10A (rms)/10Ap, crest factor, RS232, CC/ CR/ CP mode40403130
Chroma 63804Electronic Load DC/AC4500W, 0~45Arms/ 350Vrms, 45~440Hz or DC, peak Current 135A96507460
Noiseken ESS-2000Electrtostatic Discharge SimulatorTC-815P53804160
Noiseken ESS-2001Electrtostatic Discharge Simulator44903470
Noiseken ESS-200AXElectrtostatic Discharge SimulatorTC-815D26302040
Schaffner NSG438Electrtostatic Discharge SimulatorAir- and contact-dis Charge to 30kV70105420
Noiseken FNS-AX2 B50 Fast Transient/Burst Generator18-00042A (outlet panel for 3 phase), 70105420
Noiseken FNS105AX Impulse Noise SimulatorOutput Voltage 200V to 4600V30302350
Noiseken INS-4001 Impulse Noise Simulator0.02~2.00kV ±10%43903400
Noiseken INS-400LImpulse Noise SimulatorPulse Voltage : 0.2Kv~4Kv, Pulse Width : 50ns,100ns,250ns,400ns and any combination thereof.masinum width 1us70105420
Noiseken IJ-4050Impulse Noise Simulator 3 phase Unitimpulse 3 phase unit49403820
Voltech PM3000APower Meter Digital3 Ch30702380
Voltech PM6000Power Meter Digital3 Ch61404750
Kikusui PCR1000L Power Supply ACAC 1 to 150V/2 to 300V, 20/10 max current, 1kVA, 1 to 999.9Hz30702380
Kikusui PCR2000L Power Supply ACAC 1 to 150V/2 to 300V, 20/10 max current, 2kVA, 1 to 999.9Hz57004410
Kikusui PCR4000L Power Supply ACAC 1 to 150V/2 to 300V, 20/40 max current, 4kVA, 1 to 999.9Hz83406450
Kikusui PCR500L Power Supply ACAC 1 to 150V/2 to 300V, 5/2.5 max current, 500VA, 1 to 999.9Hz22001700
Kikusui PCR500LAPower Supply ACAC output : 1 to 150V/2 to 300V, 5/2.5 max current, 500VA, 1 to 999.9Hz 24501900
Agilent HP 6552A Power Supply DC20V/25A/500W/1 Ch1240960
Agilent HP 66000A Power Supply DCHigh density 1200W mainframe, 66101A : module 8V/ 16A 128W 5 units25201950
Agilent HP 6654APower Supply DC60V/9A, single Ch790620
Agilent HP E3631APower Supply DC3 Ch total, +25 V - 1 A / -25 V - 1 A / 6 V - 5 A 80W GPIB710550
Agilent HP E3632APower Supply DC1 Ch, Dual Range 15V/7A 30V/4A, GP-IB/RS232660510
Calibrators / Multimeters
ModelProductDescriptionPrice €Price £
Fluke 5500A SC300Calibrator MultifunctionCalibrator1794013860
Agilent HP 34401A DMM6 1/2 digits660510
Agilent HP 34411ADMM6 1/2 digits13201020
Agilent HP 3458ADMM8 1/2 digits, opt 00137702920
Keithley 3706Data Acquisition3723 (1X30 Reed Relay Multiplxer) 4 units22001700
Keithley 3706-SData Acquisition3723 (1X30 Reed Relay Multiplxer) 1 unit1060820
Keithley 2750Data Acquisition System/ DMM7700 (20 Ch) 5ea17601360
Keithley 2002DMM8 1/2 digits35002710
Keithley 2100DMM6 1/2 digits, USB Digital DMM910710
Keithley 2015THD DMM6 1/2 digits610480
Datron 1281DMM8 1/2 digits26202030