Fluke DSP4000

Cat 5, 5e & 6 Kabeltester




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The Fluke DSP-4000 Cable Analyser allows the user to test, certify and document fiber and copper. Diagnostics make fault finding simple. Powerful Fiber Test Adapters perform dual-fiber, dual-wavelength fiber certification.
The DSP-4000 CableAnalyzer Series for several years has occupied the top level in the industry of cabling certification tools. The testers in this series provide accurate testing of Cat 5e and Cat 6 twisted-pair cabling as well as loss testing of fiber optic cabling.
The DSP-4000 provides a complete and accurate solution for certifying, documenting and troubleshooting twisted-pair copper cabling links from Cat3 through Cat6
You can record any combination of copper or fiber optic Autotest reports with the Fluke DSP-4000 tester. Each test report can be downloaded to a PC or printer. Test reports contain wavelength, measured loss, loss limit, test direction and reference level.

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