keysight (agilent) M8192A

Mehrkanalsynchronisationsmodul für M8190A, M8020A oder M8030A



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Key Features & Specifications

Synchronization of

  • up to 6 M8190A AWG modules, or 12 independent channels for complex signal scenarios
  • up to 4 M8051A and 1 M8041A BERT modules, or 10 independent channels

Precise alignment for repeatable measurements

  • One trigger input can trigger up to 6 M8190A modules or 4 M8051A and 1 M8041A modules with deterministic latency
  • Skew repeatability of 2 ps between any two channels independent of sampling rate
  • Skew resolution of 50 fs between any two channels

1 U AXIe module for high port density

Complex testing sometimes requires playing multiple waveforms in parallel (e.g. multi-emitter testing). The M8192A synchronization module allows engineers to synchronize up to 12 M8190A channels and fits into a standard AXIe frame.The M8192A synchronization module also supports testing of high-speed digital busses like PCI Express®.Test efficiency can be increased by testing up to 10 lanes with the M8051A and the M8041A BERT modules in parallel. These can be synchronized by the M8192A module.

Typical applications:

  • Phase coherent multi-channel I/Q signal generation up to 6 I/Q pairs
  • Phase coherent multi-channel IF/RF generation with up to 12 IF/RF signals
  • Multi-lane serial applications such as PCI Express®
  • Physics
  • MIMO application

Additional Information

Also available as M8190S Multichannel Arbitrary Waveform Generator System. Two multi-channel selections are available:

4-channel system: Consists of one M9505A 5-slot AXIe chassis (M8190S-B04), one M8192A synchronization module and two M8190A AWG modules, including the required number of clock and trigger cables

8-channel system: Consists of two M9505A 5-slot AXIe chassis (M8190S-B08), one M8192A synchronization module and four M8190A AWG modules, including the required number of clock and trigger cables

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