Associated Research 7540DT

Probador de tierra HiPot 5KVAC / 6KVDC / IR



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Associated Research HypotULTRA II 5KVAC/6KVDC/IR with 4 Ch Internal Scanner The Associated Research 7540DT HypotULTRA? II, 3-in-1 Dielectric Analyzer with built-in four port high voltage scanning matrix. Featuring enhanced patented technology and user friendly functions this instrument is an ideal choice for automated production line environments for testing to UL, CSA, IEC, VDE, TÜV and other safety agency specifications. The built-in scanner makes the 7540DT useful for applications requiring high voltage tests at multiple points. Common applications for a scanner include transformer windings, motor coils, PC boards, cable harnesses and power supplies. A four port scanner covers most of these applications but an eight port scanner is available as an option for tests requiring more switching test points. The 7540DT features the most commonly used functions for safety agency compliance testing that include an AC Hipot, DC Hipot, and an Insulation Resistance tester. In addition, Model 7540DT features a standard RS 232 interface or optional GPIB and printer port interfaces.

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