Fluke 5500A

Calibrador multifunción



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The Fluke 5500A is a Multifunction Calibrator used in calibration laboratories and applications that require precision sources of voltage and current. It sources DC and AC Volts as well as DC and AC current. It simulates power with phase control, resistance, capacitance, thermocouples and RTDs. The Fluke 5500A with additional options, allows Oscilloscope Calibration to 600MHz.
With optional 5500/CAL Calibration Software, the 5500A offers a complete solution for calibration documentation and reporting according to quality standards like ISO 9000.
The Fluke 5500A Calibratoris suitable for testing the following devices
• Multimeter calibration
• Oscilloscope calibration
• Wattmeter calibration
• Electronic thermometer calibration
• Data logger calibration
• Chart recorders calibration
• XY Recorder calibration
• Power  Analyser calibration
• Process calibrator calibration
• Current clamp calibration