Keithley 236

20W SourceMeter

Devis Rapide

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Four instruments in one (voltage source, voltage measure, current source, current measure)
10fA, 10µV measurement sensitivity
Standard and custom sweep capability including pulse
1000 source/measurements per second
Four quadrant source operation
Internal 1000-reading memory
The Keithley 236 will source voltage from 100μV to 110V, and current from 100fA to 100mA. It can also measure voltage from 10μV to 110V and current from 10fA to 100mA.

The 236 can be programmed to perform source-measurements as a function of a stepped voltage or current. Voltage and current can be swept linearly, logarithmically, or pulsed. The START, STOP, STEP method of setting sweep parameters allows operators to become proficient at using the instrument very quickly. Sweep parameters may be appended (APPEND key) to obtain more complex test sequences

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