Acterna JDSU EDT-135

2MB / s E1 e Data Tester



The Acterna JDSU EDT-135 is used for E1 and data testing. The device allows you to scale up testing applications and is supported for E1 services such as Frame Relay and GSM. It also allows for substrate multiplexing system testing for X.50, HCM and V.110.

Allows for Quality of Service (QoS) measurements to ITU-T G.821. G.826. and M.2100 recommendations

With a large clear results screen, it is easy to see dispalyed results. Auto configure allows easy of use for unskilled technicians.

Shows clear distinctions between bit errors and bit slips. The device offers  physical layer tests for E1 balanced and unbalanced circuits including BERT,  Round Trip Delay, Signal Level,  Pulse Shape and Jitter