Chroma 63105A

Carico elettronico DC programmabile, 300W, 10A, 500V


Chroma 63105A DC Electronic Load Module      The Chroma Programmable 6310A series DC Electronic Loads are designed for the test and evaluation of multi-output AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, chargers and power electronic components. The system is configured by plugging the user selectable load modules into one of the Chroma 6312A/6314A system mainframes. Each load is isolated and floating, programmable in dual cur range and measuring voltage range, and capable of synchronizing with other modules for control operation. Microprocessor capabilities integrated into each load module and mainframe provide simple and accurate parallel operation to optimize the speed and control among multiple load modules. All load modules may be configured to work synchronously, to test multiple outputs simultaneously, thus simulating real life applications.    The Chroma 63105A load module operates offer high speed, programmable dynamic load simulation and control capability. Real time measurement of voltage and cur are integrated into each Chroma 63105A load module using a 16-bit precision measurement circuit. Each load module is designed with state-of-the-art technology and connects all the power MOSFET devices in parallel to insure high accuracy load control with a minimum drift of less than 0.1%+0.1%F.S. of the cur setting. Multiple load modules can be used independently to test multi-output power supplies, or parallel them for high power testing applications.  Chroma 63105A DC Electronic Load Module Specifications: The Chroma 63105A load modules operate in constant cur, constant voltage, constant power or constant resistance to satisfy a wide range of test requirements (See data sheet for full specifications) For Use with the Chroma 6312A and Chroma 6314A     

Chroma 63105A



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Model: Chroma 63105A
Description: Carico elettronico DC programmabile, 300W, 10A, 500V
Data Sheet PDF: Chroma 63105A

Chroma 63105A Product Overview