Amplifier Research 200L

1MHz to 200MHz RF Amplifier

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The 200L is a 200 MHz 400 Watt RF Amplifier from Amplifier Research.

Frequency Range: 1-200 MHz
RF Power (Watts): CW/Pulse 200/400 (Measured at less than 1.0 dB compression)
Flatness (dB): ± 1.5
Input For Rated Output (mW): 1
Minimum Gain (dB): 53
Blanking: STD
Gain Control: STD

The Model 200L is a self-contained, broadband amplifier intended for laboratory applications where instantaneous bandwidth, high gain, and moderate power output are required. When used with a frequency swept signal source it will provide 200 watts of linear swept power. The Model 200L employs the most up-to-date design technology in both its solid state low level amplifiers and vacuum tube final amplifier. All operating controls are functionally grouped on the front panel to simplify operator use. They include modern, lighted push button switches for the command functions, POWER, STANDBY, and OPERATE and a gain control for setting the output level of the amplifier

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