Anritsu MP1570A

Analizator PDH / SDH



PDH/SDH Analyser (STM-1/4/16. 1310 & 1550nm; STM-64. 1550nm)
  • PDH and SDH bits rates from 1.5Mb/s to 10Gb/s Supports mapping routes from STM-4c, STM16c and STM-64c
  • Fitted options:
    • MP0113A Optical 156M/622M 1.310/1550nm
    • MU150000A 2.5G/10G unit
    • MU150001A Optical 10G Tx (1.55) unit (2km)
    • MU150001A/B 03 2.5G (1.31/1.55)
    • MU150002A Optical 10G Rx (narrow) unit
    • MP0121A 2/8/34/139/156Mb/s BNC-75 Ohm
    • MP0122A 1.5/45/52Mb/s BNC-75 Ohm
  • Optional ATM test functionality (MP-0123A)
  • Optional Jitter Generation and Measurement in combination with MP1580A
  • RS-232, Ethernet, VGA and GPIB interface
    • Supports the generation and detection of CID patterns (G.958). tandem connection patterns (G.707). and no-frame patterns and the setting and resetting of conditions for an APS switch time test (ITU-T Recommendations G.707. G.783. and G.842). overhead test. and alarm detection
    • Generation and detection of errors and alarms
    • Error performance analysis G.821. M.2100. G.826. M.2101. M.2110. and M.2120

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