Anritsu 37397D

40MHz – 65GHz Vector S-ParaMeter Network Analyser


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The Anritsu 37397D Network Analyzer is part of the Anritsu Lightning series of Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs). Designed to make fast and accurate S-parameter measurements of active and passive devices across the 40 MHz to 65 GHz range. The Anritsu 37397D Network Analyzer integrates a synthesized source, S-parameter test set and tuned receiver into a single compact package that is ideal for bench-top testing. The Anritsu 37397D is also configured as a Direct-Access Receiver for antenna, frequency conversion, and multiple output device measurements. This network analyzer consists of a synthesized source and tuned receiver in a single compact unit, with direct access provided to all four receiver samplers via the front panel. The 37397D offers the ultimate flexibility to meet most receiver measurement needs, while maintaining the ability to measure all four S-parameters with the addition of a reflectometer setup at the front end of the receiver.

Features of the Anritsu 37397D include:

Multiple Source Control mode and Frequency Offset
Amplifer Testing: Automatically perform swept power gain compression or swept frequency gain compression
Optoelectronic Devices: Measure E/O and O/E devices
Gain Compression application
Internal Bias tees
Extended Power Range (Source Step Attenuator and test port attenuator)
Multiport Testing
Rear Panel IF inputs
NxN Calibration Utility for Mixer Measurements
Embed/De-Embed Application
High Stability Frequency Reference
1 Hz Frequency Resolution
Calibration Choices from SOLT, offset short, waveguide and Mulitiple line kit
“Virtual Adapter Removal” Calibration
Multiple Source Control
Power Meter Correction

Accessory Anritsu 37397D 40MHz – 65GHz Vector S-ParaMeter Network Analyser


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