Anritsu MP1775A Pulse Generator

Pulse Pattern Generator, (0.1-12.5GHZ)

Model: Anritsu MP1775A Pulse Generator
Description: Pulse Pattern Generator, (0.1-12.5GHZ)
Data Sheet PDF: Anritsu MP1775A Pulse Generator

Anritsu MP1775A Pulse Pattern Generator, Pulse Pattern Generator (0.1-12.5GHZ)

 Key Specifications and Features

  • 4-channel parallel data output from 100 Mbps to 12.5 Gbps 
  • Independent level adjustments for each of the 4 channels 
  • Supports both Internal Clock (Option) and External Clock 
  • Clock and data output enable and disable functions 
  • Programmable Pattern, PRBS, and Inverted PRBS Patterns: 2n-1 (n = 7, 9, 11, 15, 20, 23, 31) 
  • Reduced waveform distortion with back-termination 
  • Cross-Point Adjustment capability on the front panel 
  • Independent mode and simultaneous BER testing/analysis up to 4 channel when used with MP1776A
  • Testing of SONET/SDH frames up to OC-768c/STM-256c and CID patterns with MX177601A software 
  • Higher rate BER testing from 25 Gbps to 43.5 Gbps when used in ME7760B BERT System, and to 48 Gbps when used in ME7780A BERT System. 
  • Intuitive easy-to-use operation with front panel keys


The MP1775A is a Pulse Pattern Generator with 4 channels of parallel data output lines. Each channel has the capability of generating a signal up to 12.5 Gbps . Simultaneous BER testing and analysis up to 4 channels is possible when used with the MP1776A 4-Channel Error Detector.  Independent memory capacity for each channel enables you to program user-defined patterns for specific testing, and a variety of PRBS patterns (inverted and non-inverted) up to 231-1 bits long are available as standard. 


Anritsu’s core competence and expertise in high speed BER testing and the high performance technology of our popular single channel 12.5 Gbps BERT system are built into this 4-channel Pulse Pattern Generator. Its excellent data output waveform, low jitter, fast rise time/fall time, independent setting of programmable patterns, and 231-1 PRBS patterns for each channel make it an ideal signal source for the evaluation and characterization of 10 Gbps WDM equipment, modules, and electrical/optical devices. 


To protect your future investments in 40G development, the MP1775A 4-Channel PPG can be used as part of Anritsu’s ME7760B 43.5 BER Test System or ME7780A 48G BER Test System. These 40G systems also contain a 4-Channel Error Detector, 4×1 and 1×4 Mux/Demux units, and an external signal source. 


With the ongoing R&D into 40+ Gbps transmission systems, there is a high demand for test instruments for testing SONET/SDH frames. To meet this requirement, Anritsu’s MX177601A software is optionally available for use with the MP1775A for generating SONET/SDH frames as well as CID patterns for stress testing clock recovery circuits. Optional internal clock and front panel keys on the MP1775A make it easy to use and eliminate the need for an external synthesizer or PC. Remote control operation utilizing SCPI command sets is available via GPIB or a parallel interface.

Anritsu MP1775A Pulse Generator Product Overview