Anritsu MS9710B

Optical Spectrum Analyser 600-1750nm

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Diffraction-grating spectrum analyzer (OSA) for analyzing optical spectra in the 600 to 1750 nm wavelength band. -90 dBm guaranteed optical reception sensitivity. Tracking with tunable laser source. Optical pulse measurement. Full range of WDM application functions. The MS9710B is targeted for installation, commissioning and maintenance of 100 GHz and 200 GHz DWDM systems.


600-1750nm Optical Spectrum Analyser
  • Improved signal-to-noise measurement with left and right noise floor averaging
  • Tracking function with tunable laser source
  • Built-in attenuator for high power optical input
  • Optional built-in light source and reference wavelength
  • VGA output connector
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Accessory Anritsu MS9710B Optical Spectrum Analyser 600-1750nm