California Instruments MX90-3/PI

Power System, 90kVA, 3 Phase, Programmable Controller

Model: California Instruments MX90-3/PI
Description: Power System, 90kVA, 3 Phase, Programmable Controller
Data Sheet PDF: California Instruments MX90-3/PI

Key Features & Specifications

MX Series, MX90-3Pi, AC DC Power Supply System, 90kVA, 3 Phase Power Supply

  • High Power AC and DC Power Source
    • Programmable AC and DC power for frequency conversion and product test applications
  • Expandable Power Levels
    • Available output power of 15, 22.5, 30, and 45 kVA per unit and multi-unit configurations for power requirements up to 135 kVA and above
  • Single and Three Phase Mode
    • Phase mode programming on MX22.5-3Pi, MX30-3Pi and MX45-3Pi allows switching between single and three phase output modes
  • Arbitrary & Harmonic Waveform Generation
    • User defined voltage waveform and distortion programming
  • Regenerative, bidirectional “Green” Power Solution
    • Automatic crossover between Source and Sink power mode offers regenerative capabilities in AC mode. Regenerate up to 100% of the rated output power back to the utility grid during sink mode operation. ( -SNK option )
  • Remote Control
    • Standard RS232C & USB along with optional IEEE- 488 & LAN Interfaces are available for automated test applications


  • Steady State AC Current @ FSV:
    • V Lo: 200/ø V Hi: 100/ø 
  • Max DC Current @ FSV per output:
    • V Lo: 100 V Hi: 50
  • See datasheet for more specifications

The California Instruments MX Series consists of multiple high power AC and DC power systems that provide controlled AC and DC output for ATE and product test applications.This high power AC and DC test system covers a wide spectrum of AC and DC power applications at an affordable cost. Using state-of-the-art PWM switching techniques, the California Instruments MX series combines compactness, robustness and functionality in a compact floor-standing chassis, no larger than a typical office copying machine. This higher power density has been accomplished without the need to resort to elaborate cooling schemes or additional installation wiring.

California Instruments MX90-3/PI Product Overview