Ceyear 4051H

3Hz - 50GHz Spectrum Analyser

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  • Spectrum analyzers with a frequency range of up to 3 kHz…67 GHz.
  • Standard and economy models -S.
  • Variety of optional features, for example preamp.

Ceyear 4051 Series Spectrum Analyzers with Frequency Ranges up to 67 GHz.

The Ceyear 4051 series signal/spectrum analyzers offer excellent performance in dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude accuracy, and measurement speed. The devices provide various measurement functions including high-sensitivity spectrum Analyzer, standard power measurement components, IQ Analyzer, vector signal analyzer, realtime spectrum analyzer, transient analyzer, pulse signal analyzer, audio analyzer, analog demodulation measurement, phase noise measurement, and noise figure. The performance of the 4051 spectrum analyzers can be enhanced with flexible options.

The Ceyear 4051-S series signal/spectrum analyzers are the economy versions of the 4051 devices. They support incomparable spectrum measurement services with high price-performance ratio. The analyzers have excellent dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude precision and measurement speed and can supply ten measurement functions in total including high-performance spectrum analysis, standard power measurement modules conforming to relevant criteria etc. Capabilities of the analyzers can be greatly augmented: Multiple practical options are available like preamplifier, phase noise measurement, random IF output.

  • Spectrum analyzers with frequency ranges up to 3 kHz…4 GHz, 9 GHz, 13.2 GHz, 18 GHz, 26.5 GHz, 40 GHz, 45 GHz, 50 GHz, or 67 GHz
  • Optional preamplifier.
  • Low displayed average noise level (DANL): Typ. -135 dBm/Hz (67 GHz), or for models -S: Typ. -141 dBm/Hz (26.5 GHz).
  • Resolution bandwidth (RBW): 1 Hz…3 MHz (1, 2, 3, 5 steps), 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 20 MHz.
  • Standard models max. signal analysis bandwidth 10 MHz standard, optional up to 550 MHz.
  • Large graphic colour LCD and interfaces USB, Ethernet/LAN, GPIB.

Model Overview

Model 4051A 4051A-S 4051B 4051B-S 4051C 4051C-S 4051D 4051D-S 4051E 4051E-S 4051F 4051G 4051H 4051L
Frequency range 3 Hz… 4 GHz 4 GHz 9 GHz 9 GHz 13.2 GHz 13.2 GHz 18 GHz 18 GHz 26.5 GHz 26.5 GHz 40 GHz 45 GHz 50 GHz 67 GHz
Max. signal analysis bandwidth Standard models, not for economy models -S: 10 Hz…10 MHz (standard), optional 40 MHz, 200 MHz, 550 MHz
DANL (Displayed Average Noise Level) Standard models, 1 GHz: -156 dBm/Hz or -167 dBm/Hz typ. with preamplifier; 50 GHz: -141 dBm/Hz or -150 dBm/Hz typ. with preamplifier; 67 GHz: -135 dBm/Hz;economy models -S, 1 GHz: -153 dBm/Hz or with preamplifier typ. -166 dBm/Hz, 26.5 GHz: -141 dBm/Hz or with preamplifier typ. -160 dBm/Hz
RBW (Resolution Bandwidth) Range 1 Hz…3 MHz (1, 2, 3, 5 steps) 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 20 MHz; conversion uncertainty: ±0.3 dB (1 Hz…10 MHz), ±1.0 dB (20 MHz)
Phase noise 100 Hz: Standard models -96 dBc/Hz, typ. -105 dBc/Hz, economy models -S: -92 dBc/Hz1 kHz: Standard models -115 dBc/Hz, typ. -118 dBc/Hz, economy models -S: -105 dBc/Hz10 kHz: Standard models -125 dBc/Hz, typ. -129 dBc/Hz, economy models -S: -118 dBc/Hz100 kHz: Standard models -125 dBc/Hz, typ. -129 dBc/Hz, economy models -S: -123 dBc/Hz
Sweep Sweep time range span=10 Hz: 1 ms…6000 s, span=0 Hz: 1 µs…6000 s
Preamp Optional
Display 10.1″ (approx. 25.7 cm) LCD, 1280×800 resolution
Interfaces USB, Ethernet/LAN, GPIB
Connectors Type N (female), impedance 50 Ω 3.5 mm (male), impedance 50 Ω 2.4 mm (male), impedance 50 Ω 1.85 mm (male), impedance 50 Ω
Dimensions (mm) 510 x 192 x 534 (with handles, foot-pads, stand), 426 x 177 x 460 (without handles, foot-pads, stand); approx. 25 kg (depending on configuration with options)

Included: Spectrum analyzer, power cord, USB mouse, user manual, programming manual, certificate of conformity.

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