Chroma 1075

200kHz RLC Impedance Meter


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Key Features and Specifications

Chroma 1075 Precision LCR Meter

  • Test frequency : 40Hz-200kHz, 30 Steps
  • Basic accuracy : 0.1%
  • Three different output impedance modes
  • High resolution (0.01m?)
  • Large capacitance, and low impedance component measuring
  • Single-function keys, clear LED display, easy to operate
  • 0.01m? ~99.999m? wide measurement range with 5 digits resolution
  • Optional HANDLER, GPIB interface
  • Primary parameter: HI/GO/Lo and Secondary parameter: GO/NG judge result
  • Alarm for GO/NG judge result
  • LCZ Nominal Value, Upper limit %, Lower Limit %, QDR Ø Limit setting display
  • Test signal level monitor function

The 1061A/1062A/1075 LCR Meters for measuring passive components are ideal suited to material inspections and production lines. The functions of 8-level counting, pass/fail judgment, and 10 sets of internal save and recall settings meet production line requirements for speed and quality.