Keithley 196 System DMM

Five-functioning autoranging digital multimeter

Model: Keithley 196 System DMM
Description: Five-functioning autoranging digital multimeter
Data Sheet PDF: Keithley 196 System DMM

Key Features

  • 10 Character Alphanumeric Display-Easy to read 14segment LEDs used for readings and front panel messages.
  • High Speed Measurement Rate-l000 readings per second.
  • Zero-Used to cancel offsets or establish baselines. A zero value can be programmed from the front panel or over the IEEE-488 bus.
  • Filter-The weighted average digital filter can be set from the front panel or over the bus.
  • Data Store-Can store up to 500 readings and is accessible only over the bus.
  • Digital Calibration-The instrument may be digitally calibrated from either the front panel or over the bus.
  • User Programmable Default Condition Any instrument measurement configuration can be established as the power-up default conditions.
  • Translator Software-User defined words (stored in nonvolatile memory) can be used to replace standard command strings over the IEEE-488 bus.
  • Offset Compensated Ohms-Used to correct for small error voltages in the measurement circuit.

The Keithley Model 196 System DMM is a five function autoranging~ digital multimeter. At 6 1/2 digit resolution, the LED display can display +-3,030,000 counts. The range of this analog-to-digital (A/D) converter is greater than the normal l,999,999 A/D converter used in many 6 1/2 digit DMMs. The built-in IEEE-488~ interface makes the instrument fully programmable over the IEEE-488 bus. The Model 196 can make DC voltage measurements from lOOnV to 3OOV, resistance measurements from lOO uohm  to 3OOMegaohm, TRMS AC voltage measurements from 1pV to 300V, DC current measurements from lnA to 3A, and TRMS AC current measurements from lnA to 3A.


Keithley 196 System DMM Product Overview