Keithley 2410C Source Meter

Source Meter 22W.

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Keithley SourceMeter Series 2400
The Keithley SourceMeter Series 2400 offers the combination of low cost, tightly integrated sourcing and measurement, and wide dynamic range. This makes the Series 2400 models well suited for benchtop and system applications with low voltage requirements and with limited test hardware budgets. Principal applications include high brightness LED forward/reverse I-V and LIV (light-current-voltage) testing, solar cell efficiency test (source and sink current) and precision DC load characterisation – replacing readback supplies or supply/DMM combinations, which typically provide insufficient accuracy (IDDQ testing). Other applications include: active/passive component test, voltage/current/resistance measurements; battery operation validation for portable electronic devices; characterising implantable medical devices (e.g. pacemakers); characterising low-leakage electronic device/circuits (forward/reverse, transistor gain/leakage); calibrating 3- to 4-digit data acquisition boards, meters and DMMs.

Class of instruments designed for high speed DC testing
Wide dynamic range
4-quadrant operation
0.012% basic accuracy with 5-digit resolution
6-wire Ω measurement with programmable I source and V clamp
Ohms range <0.2Ω to >200Ω
1700 readings/second at 4 digits via GPIB
Built-in comparator for fast pass/fail testing
Digital I/O for fast binning and connection to component handlers
GPIB, RS-232 and Trigger Link interfaces

Accessory Keithley 2410C Source Meter


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