Keithley 2510-AT TEC

SourceMeter SMU Instrument, 5A, 10V, 50W Source Measure Unit

Model: Keithley 2510-AT TEC
Description: SourceMeter SMU Instrument, 5A, 10V, 50W Source Measure Unit
Data Sheet PDF: Keithley 2510-AT TEC

Features and Benefits

Keithley Optical SourceMeter® Instruments: Keithley instrumentation makes it easy to build a LIV (light-current-voltage) system to test laser diode modules cost-effectively.

Fiber Alignment Photodiode Meter 2502: High speed analog output enables LIV testing at the fiber alignment stage.

Pulse Laser Diode Test System with optional Integrating Sphere 2520/KIT1: Synchronizing test system providing sourcing and measurement capability for pulsed and continuous LIV test.

TEC SourceMeter SMUs, 2510 and 2510-AT: Ensure tight temperature control for laser diode modules by controlling its thermo-electric cooler.


  • Active temperature control
  • 50W TEC Controller
  • Fully digital P-I-D control
  • Autotuning capability for the thermal control loop (2510-AT)
  • Wide temperature setpoint range (–50°C to +225°C) and high setpoint resolution (±0.001°C) and stability (±0.005°C)
  • Compatible with a variety of temperature sensor inputs—thermistors, RTDs, and IC sensors
  • AC Ohms measurement function
  • 4-wire open/short lead detection for thermal feedback element


  • Prevents temperature variations that could cause the laser diode’s dominant output wavelength to change, leading to signal overlap and crosstalk problems.
  • Allows for higher testing speeds and a wider temperature setpoint range than other, lower-power solutions.
  • Provides greater temperature stability and can be easily upgraded with a simple firmware change.
  • Eliminates the need to use trial-and-error experimentation to determine the best combination of P, I, and D coefficients.
  • Covers most of the test requirements for production testing of cooled optical components and sub-assemblies.
  • Works with the types of temperature sensors most commonly used in a wide range of laser diode modules.
  • Verifies the integrity of the TEC device.
  • Eliminates lead resistance errors on the measured value, reducing the possibility of false failures or device damage.

Keithley 2510-AT TEC Product Overview