Keysight (Agilent) N9961A

44 GHz FieldFox Microwave Spectrum Analyzer, 2.4 mm (m)


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The Keysight N9961A is a hand-held microwave spectrum analyzer that can be used out in the field for real time spectrum analysis. The N9961A microwave spectrum analyzer is an extremely compact device, weighing just 7.1 lb. It can locate interfering signals and detect different pulses at the same time.

Keysight, formerly Agilent, N9961A Key Features and Functions:

  • 5 kHz to 44 GHz frequency range
  • Expand capabilities with optional tracking generator, interference analyzer, built-in power meter, and more
  • Make accurate spectrum analyzer measurements (plus/minus 0.5 dB) without needing warm-up
  • Locate interfering signals using the intuitive spectrogram display and recording capability
  • Easily measure average and pulse power with a USB power sensor, pulse measurements with time gating
  • Lightest microwave handheld spectrum analyzer at only 7.1 lb. (3.2 kg)

The Keysight N9961A microwave spectrum analyzer is available refurbished with warranty at Testwall. Our experienced team of metrologists and technicians calibrate each product to stringent standards in our 50 GHZ ANSI/NCL Z540-1 compliant laboratory. Contact us and request a quote today.

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