keysight (agilent) N6766A N6766A

Precision DC Power Module, 60V, 17A, 500W

Model: keysight (agilent) N6766A N6766A
Description: Precision DC Power Module, 60V, 17A, 500W
Data Sheet PDF: keysight (agilent) N6766A N6766A


The Keysight N6766A is a 500 W precision DC power module that provides low noise, and precise control and measurements in the milliampere and microampere region with the ability to simultaneously digitize voltage and current, and capture those measurements in an oscilloscope-like data buffer.

Key Features & Specifications

Output Ratings

  • Voltage: 60 V
  • Current: 17 A
  • Power: 500 W

Programming Accuracy (at 23?XC ??5?XC)

  • Voltage high range: 0.03% + 12 mV
  • Current high range: 0.075% + 4 mA

Ripple & Noise (20 Hz to 20 MHz)

  • Voltage peak-to-peak: 6 mV
  • Voltage rms: 1 mV
  • Current rms: 4 mA

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