Rigol DP712

High quality programmable DC power supply with one output channel (+50 V/3 A, max 150 W).

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The Rigol DP712 is a very high quality programmable laboratory power supply with one DC output (50 V/3 A) and a maximum power output of 150 W. Like all Rigol devices, the power supply features a very well constructed and easy to use interface, which also offers comprehensive ease-of-use functions, such as programmable voltage curves. The menu has an intuitive structure. The Rigol DP712 features a relative large (8.9 cm / 3.5″) and easy to read TFT display. A timer control can be used to set the output signal to different values in up to 2048 groups.

Voltage / Current +30 V / 5 A +50 V / 3 A
I/O Interfaces RS-232 RS-232
Display 8,9 cm TFT 8,9 cm TFT
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