Rohde & Schwarz NRV-Z54

Thermal Power Sensor DC to 18 GHz

Model: Rohde & Schwarz NRV-Z54
Description: Thermal Power Sensor DC to 18 GHz
Data Sheet PDF: Rohde & Schwarz NRV-Z54

  • Compatible with R&S®NRVS and R&S®NRVD base units
  • Absolute calibration, simply plug in and measure
  • Calibration data memory for sensor-specific parameters

With its large variety of power sensors Rohde & Schwarz is able to provide the right tool for power measurements with R&S®NRVS, R&S®NRVD, R&S®URV35 and R&S®URV55 base units.

Rohde & Schwarz NRV-Z54 Product Overview