Rohde & Schwarz RTH1004

Handheld Oscilloscope, 60 MHz, 4 Channels Handheld

Model: Rohde & Schwarz RTH1004
Description: Handheld Oscilloscope, 60 MHz, 4 Channels Handheld
Data Sheet PDF: Rohde & Schwarz RTH1004

Key facts

  • Bandwidth: 60 MHz to 500 MHz
  • Sample rate: up to 5 Gsample/s
  • Memory depth: up to 500 ksample, 50 Msample segmented memory
  • ADC resolution: 10-bit
  • Isolated channels (CAT IV 600 V (RMS) / CAT III 1000 V (RMS))
  • Integrated multimeter or multimeter mode

Features and Benefits

  • Lab performance oscilloscope
  • Logic analyzer
  • Protocol analyzer
  • Data logger
  • Digital multimeter
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Harmonics analyzer
  • Frequency counter


When debugging embedded devices in the lab or analyzing complex problems in the field, the R&S®Scope Rider offers the performance and capabilities of a lab oscilloscope as well as the form factor and ruggedness of a battery-operated handheld device. Isolated channels combined with 500 MHz bandwidth makes it a perfect choice for power electronics applications. An integrated multimeter (two-channel model) or a multimeter mode (four-channel model) make the instrument the perfect tool for troubleshooting all kinds of electronics problems.

Rohde & Schwarz RTH1004 Product Overview