Rohde & Schwarz FSL6 Spectrum Analyser

9kHz to 6GHz Spectrum Analyser


The R&S FSL6 Spectrum analyser provides high-end functions with an extremely lightweight, compact package which is ideal for cost-conscious customers. It is fast and versatile in production and provides exceptional peformance for its class. Frequency range 9 kHz to 6 GHz.

The analyser is ideal for a large number of applications in development, service and production.

Key Features

  • Best RF characteristics in its class
  • General-purpose signal analysis
  • Wide range of personalities for various wireless/cellular standards
  • High measurement speed and time-saving routines improve throughput in production
  • Lightweight and compact for on-site installation, maintenance and service
  • Power measurements with R&S®NRP-Zxx power sensors
  • Easy upgrades and a wide range of interfaces
  • Optional battery operation


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