August Sales List

Posted on 11/08/2015
Used Test Equipment



ManufacturerModelDescriptionPrice €Price £
TektronixDPO40544Ch, Bandwidth:500MHz, Sample Rate:5GS/s€7520£5890
LeCroyLC564DL4Ch, 1GHz Bandwidth, 4GS/s on 2Ch€2060£1610
TektronixTDS3024B4Ch, 200MHz Bandwidth, 2.5GS/s€2300£1800
TektronixTDS3052B2Ch, 500MHz Bandwidth 5GS/s, Colour LCD Display, 10K memory per Ch€3630£2840
TektronixTDS3054B4Ch, 500MHz Bandwidth 5GS/s, Colour LCD Display, 10K memory per Ch€4070£3190
TektronixTDS3802Ch, 400MHz Mono display Digital O’scope, 2GS/s€520£410
TektronixTDS5054500MHz Bandwidth, 5GS/s, 4Ch, 400Kpts memory€3600£2820
TektronixTDS644B4Ch, 500MHz Bandwidth, 2.5GS/s, 15Kpts memory€1030£810
TektronixTDS66046GHz Bandwidth, 20GS/s, 4Ch€10,900£8560
TektronixTDS7104Frequency Range/ Bandwith 1 GHz, 4 Ch, 10 GSa/s€4630£3630
TektronixTDS71541.5GHz Bandwidth, 4Ch, 20GSa/s, 10Kpts memory€6330£4960
TektronixTDS7154B4Ch, 1.5GHz Up to 7.5 GHz€6780£5310
TektronixTDS724C2Ch(+2Ch AUX), 500MHz Bandwidth, 2GS/s,€1030£810
TektronixTDS7254B2.5GHz Bandwidth, 20GS/s, 4Mpts memory€9940£7790
TektronixTDS74044GHz Bandwidth, 20GS/s, Ch3 error€7070£5540
TektronixTDS744A4Ch, 500MHz Colour display Digital O’scope, 2GS/s€1030£810
Spectrum Analysers
ManufacturerModelDescriptionPrice €Price £
Agilent HP8594EFrequency Range 9kHz – 2.9GHz€1450£1130
Agilent HP8595E9kHz – 6.5GHz€2210£1740
Agilent HP8596E9KHz – 12.8GHz€3540£2770
Agilent HPE4403B9KHz to 3GHz€3980£3120
Rohde & SchwarzFSEB3020Hz to 7GHz€4530£3550
Rohde & SchwarzFSEM3020Hz to 26.5GHz€9040£7080
Rohde & SchwarzFSP139KHz to 13GHz€7070£5540
Rohde & SchwarzFSP39KHz to 3GHz, RBW 1 Hz to 10 MHz€5310£4160
Rohde & SchwarzFSH3 03100KHz to 3GHz, 100Hz to 1MHz RBW€2390£1870
Rohde & SchwarzFSIQ26Frequency Range 20Hz to 26.5GHz€11,490£9000
Network Anayser
ManufacturerModelDescriptionPrice €Price £
Anritsu37369A40MHz to 40GHz, S parameter test set€22,600£17,700
Agilent HP8719ES50MHz to 13.5GHz, 1Hz Resolution,€15,370£12,030
Agilent HP8720A20GHz€9040£7080
Agilent HP8720C20GHz€11,760£9210
Agilent HP8751A5Hz-500MHz,option 002€4420£3470
Agilent HPE5071B4 ports, 300 kHz – 8.5 GHz€19,440£15,220
Agilent HPE8358APNA Network Analyzer, 300 kHz – 9 GHz€15,910£12,460
AnritsuMS4623B10MHz to 6GHz S Parameter Network Analyzer, 3 port N type,€6190£4850
Rohde & SchwarzZVR4B21/ B23/ B24€4420£3470
Signal Generator
ManufacturerModelDescriptionPrice €Price £
Agilent HP33120A15 MHz sine and square wave€730£570
Agilent HP8648CFrequency Range 9kHz – 3.2GHz€1240£970
Agilent HP8648D9 kHz – 4 GHz€2060£1610
Agilent HP8664A10MHz – 3000MHz€1550£1220
Agilent HP8665B6GHz Signal Generator€4420£3470
Agilent HPE4432A250KHz to 3GHz€2210£1740
Agilent HPE4436B250KHz-3GHz, Sweep€3540£2770
Agilent HPMG3672A300KHz to 2.8GHz€1590£1250
Agilent HPN9310A9KHz to 3GHz, 0.1Hz reolution€3540£2770
Agilent HP8340B10MHz to 26.5GHz€7950£6230
Agilent HP83620ASynthesized Swept Signal Generator, 10 MHz – 20 GHz€6190£4850
Agilent HP83623BSynthesized Swept Signal Generator, 10MHz to 20GHz€9730£7620
Agilent HP83752A10MHz to 20GHz, 1E1(step attenuator)€7950£6230
Agilent HP8780AVector Signal Generator – 10 MHz to 3 GHz IF testing€1550£1220
AnritsuMG3681A250KHz to 3GHz,€2650£2080
Rohde & SchwarzSMIQ03E9KHz to 3GHz€4420£3470
Rohde & SchwarzSMIQ06B300KHz to 6.4GHz,€8830£6920
Rohde & SchwarzSML033.3GHz Signal Generator€3100£2430
Function Generator
ManufacturerModelDescriptionPrice €Price £
TektronixAWG6102.6GS/s, 8MW record length, 8 bits vertical resolution€4530£3550
TektronixAWG7104.0 GS/s, Frequency sine wave 2GHz, 16 M point record length, 1Ch€6330£4960
TektronixAWG710BFunction Generator€9040£7080
TektronixDTG5078Data Timing Generator€13,250£10,380
TektronixAFG3101Ch, Function/ Arbitrary Generator, 10mHz to 16MHz for sine/ square€730£570
TektronixAFG3101100MHz, 1GS/s, 14bits, Modulation AM/ FM/ PM/ FSK/ PWM, I/F USB/ GPIB and LAN€2650£2080
TektronixAFG3202Ch Arbitrary Waveform Generator,sine & square 0.01Hz to 16MHz€1000£780
Communication Test
ManufacturerModelDescriptionPrice €Price £
Agilent HP33320G+


DC to 4GHz, 33320G 11dB/1dB step, 33322G 110dB/10dB step€800£630
Agilent HP778DCoupler Dual Directional€210£170
Agilent HP8902AMeasuring Receiver€4420£3470
Agilent HP53131AFrequency Range A/B .1 Hz – 225 MHz, Frequency Range C 3.0 GHz€1180£920
Agilent HP53131AFrequency Range A/B .1 Hz – 225 MHz,€810£640
Agilent HP53132A3GHz€1590£1250
Agilent HP53181ACh1 dc to 225MHz / Ch2 100MHz to 3GHz€910£710
Agilent HP5350B2 Ch, Frequency Range(Ch1):500MHz~20GHz, (Ch2):10Hz~525MHz€1590£1250
Agilent HP5352B2 Ch, Frequency Range(Ch1):500MHz~40GHz, Frequency Range(Ch2):10Hz~525MHz€2210£1740
Agilent HP11975A2 to 8 GHz and adjustable output of +6 to +16dBm€1770£1390
Agilent HP8347A100 kHz – 3 GHz, Flatness 1.5 dB, Gain 25 dB€1160£910
Agilent HP8349BContinuous 2 to 20GHz coverage€1770£1390
Agilent HP8447D0.1~1300MHz, Gain 25dB€450£350
Agilent HP8447FCh1(Gain 25dB/0.1-1300MHz), Ch2(Gain 28dB/0.009-50MHz)€890£700
Agilent HP437BRF Power Meter Mainframe€270£220
Agilent HP438ADual Channel, 100 kHz – 110 GHz€370£690
LCR / Impedance Analyser
ManufacturerModelDescriptionPrice €Price £
Agilent HP4191A1GHz RF Impedance Analyzer,€3170£2480
Agilent HP4291A1MHz to 1.8GHz€8830£6920
Agilent HP41951AHigh Resistance Meter€2210£1740
Agilent HP4194A40MHz Impedance Analyser€7520£5890
Agilent HP4396A1D5(High Stability Frequency Reference)€7950£6230
Agilent HP4263BFrequency Range : 100 Hz ~ 100 kHz€1940£1520
Agilent HP4275A10KHz to 10MHz 10spots€1590£1250
Agilent HP4284A20 Hz – 1 MHz€5430£4250
Agilent HP4286A1MHz to 1GHz, with 10kHz steps, 1% basic accuracy, High-speed measurements: 15ms€7950£6230
Agilent HP4338B1uA to 10mA Test Signal Current, 10uOhm to 100Kohm€1770£1390
Optical Test
ManufacturerModelDescriptionPrice €Price £
AdvantestQ8331Wavelength Range 1270nm to 1680nm, Accuracy ±1 ppm (1.5pm at 1550nm)€3540£2770
AdvantestQ8344AWavelength range 350 to 1750 nm€8590£6730
AdvantestQ8347350nm to 1750nm, 0.01nm accuracy€27,120£21,240
AdvantestQ83810.6 to 1.75um, 0.1nm Resolution, Dynamic range : 50dB9at +-5nm away), FC type input, GPIB€5430£4250
AdvantestQ8383Wavelength 0.55 to 1.75um, Resolution setting 0.1/ 0.2/ 0.5/ 1.0/ 2.0/ 5.0nm€6630£5200
AdvantestQ8326480~1650nm, 1nm~0.0001nm Display Resolution€5310£4160
AdvantestTQ8325Wavelength : 600nm to 1600nm€2210£1740
Agilent HP8168FLaser Source Tunable€8590£6730
Agilent HP86060CLightwave SwitCh€1730£1350
Agilent HP8703A50MHz to 20GHz Lightwave Component Analyzer€12,370£9690
Agilent HPN4190ANetwork Tester€1730£1350
Agilent HP8156AOptical Attenuator€2210£1740
Agilent HP8153A81512SM(Laser Source 1310nm)/ 81534A(Return Loss Module)€1770£1390
Agilent HP81632Bpower sensor , InGaAs ,dBm / -80 dBm€910£710
Agilent HP81635ADual Optical Power Sensor€3630£2840
Agilent HP8163Amainframe only€4070£3190
Agilent HP81651ALaser Source 1550 nnm€810£640
Agilent HP81654ADual Fabry-Perot Laser Source Module, 1310nm & 1550nm€2710£2130
Agilent HP81689ATuneable Laser Source Module 1550nm€2710£2130
Agilent HP8504AReturn loss measurement range beyond 75dB, 25um two-event resolution(in air, 16um in glass), 1300 and 1550 nm wavelength€8640£6760
AndoMN924ASM(10/125um), max 65dB€610£480
AndoAQ2150Sensor Unit(AQ2753)€1130£880
AndoAQ-1135EOptical Power Meter€870£680
AnritsuMG9511Light Source€1730£1350
AnritsuMS9710C600 to 1750 nm, Wavelength accuracy of +-20 pm (WDM-band)€9730£7620
General Purpose Test Equipment / Logic Analysers
ManufacturerModelDescriptionPrice €Price £
Agilent HP34401A6 1/2 digit multimeter€670£520
Agilent HP3458A8 1/2 digits€4250£3330