Calibration & Repair Lab


Calibration Capability

Electrical: multimeters, industrial instrumentation , clamps, scopes, power supplies, surface resistance meters, wrist strap testers, breakdown/flash, insulation & PAT testers, electricians installation testers, decade resistance boxes, function generators, frequency counters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, network analysers

Time: electronic timers, stopwatches, tachometers, strobes, universal counters

Temperature : meters, calibrators, chart recorders, moles & profilers, ovens.
Indicators by simulation -270 to +1820 °C
Systems & probes -25 to +1200 °C (temperature transfer)

Torque: watches, slip wrenches & drivers, measuring wrenches, dial wrenches, analogue and digital analysers, wrench & driver setting analysers.
4 cN.m to 500 N.m (CW and CCW)

Pressure: gauges of all makes & designs, digital meters & manometers, calibrators. Pneumatic Vacuum to 300 bar (4000 psi)
Hydraulic 1 to 600 bar (8500 psi)

Mass/Force: gauges of all types – extension and compression, scales,
F1 Standard 1 mg to 10 kg
M2 Standard 10 kg to 100 kg up to 500 kg using substitution.

Dimensional : callipers, height & depth gauges, mi crometers, pin gauges, dial gauges, digital and dial protractors, levels, shims, V blocks, strait edges, parallels, squares etcLinear 0 to 1200mm, 36”, Angular 0 to 360°

Miscellaneous : Sitemaster Calibration, Spectrum Analyser Calibration, Network Analyser Calibration, Signal Generator Calibration.


Test Equipment Repair

Assembling a circuit board

Repair to component level







We offer repair services for all types of  general purpose and RF test equipment, including oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analysers, network analysers and communications equipment. We have long established relationships with Keysight/Agilent, Anritsu, Tektronix, Keithley and Rohde & Schwarz for all parts sourcing.

All evaluations are performed on receipt of the equipment free of charge, you pay shipping charges only. Repair quotations are emailed for approval prior to any work being performed. All repairs include a 90 day warranty against reoccurrence of the same failure.

  • No evaluation fee
  • Fast diagnosys
  • All quotations sent via email
  • 90 day warranty

Please fill in the form on this page, call or email us with your repair request.