March Equipment List

Posted on 07/03/2019
Used Test Equipment


 optical test equipment
 ManufacturerModelDescription€ Price£ PriceQuote
 Keysight (Agilent)86142BOptical Spectrum Analyser€12500£10740 Quote
 Anritsu  MS9740AOptical Spectrum Analyser€16800£14400 Quote
 Yokogawa AQ6370COptical Spectrum Analyser€23350£20050 Quote
 AndoAQ6315EOptical Spectrum Analyser€15900£13640 Quote
 Spectrum Analyser
 ManufacturerModelDescription€ Price£ PriceQuote
 Keysight (Agilent)8564EC 9KHz-40GHz Spectrum Analyser €9900£8500 Quote
 Keysight (Agilent)E4440A 3Hz – 26.5GHz Spectrum Analyser €15500£13300 Quote
 Rohde & SchwarzFSQ2620Hz-26.5GHz Spectrum Analyser€14500£12440 Quote
 Rohde & SchwarzFSU2620Hz -26.5GHz Spectrum Analyser €13600£11650 Quote
 AnritsuMS2830A 9kHz -13GHz Spectrum Analyser €9500£8150 Quote
 Signal Generator
 ManufacturerModelDescription€ Price£ PriceQuote
 Keysight (Agilent)81133APulse Pattern Generator€21550£18150 Quote
 Rohde & SchwarzSMBV100ASignal Generator 9kHz to 6GHz€28400£24340 Quote
 ManufacturerModelDescription€ Price£ PriceQuote
 Fluke5500A Multi-Function Calibrator €15900£13650 Quote
 Wavetek9100Multi-Function Calibrator€10900£9350 Quote
 ManufacturerModelDescription€ Price£ PriceQuote
 Keysight (Agilent)DSA91304A 4Ch 13GHz Bandwidth 40GS/s€29500£25310 Quote
 TektronixTDS6154C 4Ch 15GHz Bandwidth 40GS/s€22500£19350 Quote
 Keysight (Agilent)DSA90604A4Ch 6GHz Bandwidth 40GS/s €46000£39500 Quote
 TektronixDSA72004 4Ch 20GHz Bandwidth 50GS/s€43500£37320 Quote
 network Analyser
 ManufacturerModelDescription€ Price£ PriceQuote
 Rohde & SchwarzZVA4010MkHz-40GHz Vector Network Analyser €72500£62200 Quote
 Rohde & SchwarzZNB209kHz-20GHz Vector Network Analyser  €39950£34300 Quote
 Keysight (Agilent)8720ES50MHz-20GHz  PNA Network Analyser€15500£13300 Quote
 Anritsu37397C45MHz-40GHz Vector Network Analyser €39500£33900 Quote
 Communications Test
 ManufacturerModelDescription€ Price£ PriceQuote
 Anritsu S311ESiteMaster Cable and Antenne Analyser€3850£3300 Quote
 Rohde & SchwarzCMA180Radio Test Set€13500£11590 Quote
 AnritsuS331DSiteMaster Cable and Antenne Analyser€1750£1500 Quote
 Rohde & SchwarzCMW500Radio Communication Analyser (LTE)€22500£19300 Quote