Anritsu MU183020A

Generatore di schemi di impulsi (PPG), 28G / 32G PPG, alimentatore (1 o 2 canali)




Key Features & Specifications

Anritsu MU18320A 28/32G Pulse Pattern Module for the MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer

  • Wideband 2.4 to 32.1Gbit/s
  • 1/2/4ch Selection
  • Simultaneous multi-channel pattern generation and BER analysis
  • Crosstalk testing with individual variable data skew per channel
  • High-input-sensitivity ED
  • High-speed auto measurement (TJ/DJ/RJ/Bathtub Jitter, Eye Diagram)
  • 4-tap Emphasis Signal Generator up to 28.1 Gbit/s (with MP1825B)

The growing demands of cloud computing and high resolution video streaming are driving increases in server and storage transmission speed The transmission capacity of core networks is increasing rapidly to support these demands. The MP1800A SQA is a modular BERT with built in Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG), supporting output of high quality, high amplitude signals Error Detector (ED) with high input sensitivity supporting signal analysis, such as B athtub Jitter and EYE diagram measurements; and Jitter Modu lation Source for generating various jitters, including SJ/RJ/BUJ/SSC and supporting jitter tolerance tests.  Installing the 28/32G Multi-Channel PPG and ED modules supports high speed interconnect up to 3 2Gbit/s, BER measurements required for device R&D and simultaneous multi channel crosstalk tests, as well as m ore precise and complete signal integrity analyses.