Ceyear 4051B

3Hz - 9GHz Spectrum Analyser

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Product Overview:
4051-S Series Signal/Spectrum Analyzers can give you incomparable spectrum testing services of high price-performance ratio. The analyzers he excellent dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude precision and testing speed, can supply ten testing functions in total including high-performance spectrum analysis, spectral power test modules conforming to relevant criteria etc. Capabilities of the analyzers can be greatly augmented. Multiple practical options are ailable like preamplifier, phase noise testing, random IF output and so on. 4051 Series can be widely applied in signal and instrument tests relating to fields of aerospace, communication, EMC, radar detection, nigation, etc.

Main Features:
1. Incomparable price-performance ratio
2. 5 frequency range, up to 26.5GHz
3. Excellent testing & receiving performance
4. Comprehensive spectrum analysis capability
5. Practical function options
6. Easy & convenient operation

Typical Applications:
1. RF performance assessment of electronic systems: as universal spectrum analyzers of multiple functions, 4051-S Series Signal/Spectrum analyzers can be widely used in RF performance evaluative of electronic systems in fields like radar, communication and so on. They can provide high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, high precision and efficiency resolutions.
2. Test and diagnosis of transmitter and receiver: 4051-S Series can furnish comprehensive common diagnosis services for transmitter and receiver by the multiple functions of spectrum analysis, spectral power testing, and phase noise testing and so on.
3. Can be directly used for the integration of complex test and diagnosis systems, and give you test results of spectrum characteristics and signal output.

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