Hioki 3196

Power Quality Analyser, 3-Phase

Model: Hioki 3196
Description: Power Quality Analyser, 3-Phase
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Hioki 3196 The Hioki 3196 POWER QUALITY Analyser is an advanced measuring instrument that can monitor and record abnormal phenomena related to power supply quality and analyze the causes of problems that lead to incorrect operation of electrical equipment. By simply connecting the Hioki 3196 to the power line to be monitored, you can accurately record the exact timing and types of power supply abnormalities that has occurred, and display a list of the events recorded.A useful feature of the 3196 Power Quality Analyser is its gap-less recording capability (the ability to measure and record events continuously without loss of measurement data), which is necessary for analyzing the quality levels of factors such high frequency voltage, RMS voltage, power, 3-phase systems, harmonics as well as the power supply’s K factor and flicker. The ability to instantly display details about items such as monitored waveforms simply by selecting them from an event list makes analysis easier. Although other instruments are available in the market for analyzing power supply quality, none of them have been capable of measuring all types of events simultaneously on a single instrument; this is what makes the Hioki 3196 such a notable development in supporting analysis of power supply problems.Measurements can be taken from single-phase 2-wire, single-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, or 3-phase 4-wire lines. Additional input channels are provided for voltage and cur (one each), and support is provided for separate system measurement, DC voltage, and neutral wire measurement.Up to one month of continuous measurement data can be recorded in internal memory. Further, data can be saved to a PC card (an ATA flash card of up to 528 MB) as well as to internal memory. The 3196 also comes equipped with an HTTP server function, eliminating the need for special-purpose interface applications and allowing you to use any general web browser (such as Internet Explorer) for full remote monitoring and control.The Hioki 3196 POWER QUALITY Analyser is a powerful aid toward resolving various kinds of power supply problems. The trend toward power liberalization has been accompanied by an increase in problems with power quality, resulting in a steady need for power quality Analysers. Recently, the rapid growth in use of electronic devices such as computers has been accompanied by an increase in problems with electronic systems in places such as factories and businesses, making monitoring of power supply problems a topic of increasing concern. Also, with the restructuring of the energy business (deregulation of power, sale of electricity, dispersed power supplies, and cogeneration), more countries are paying attention to power supply quality, and the importance of power supply quality Analysers has grown. The 3196 is the answer to these needs by being able to simply and faithfully capture power supply abnormalities and analyze various kinds of problems.Applications include:

  • Power delivery – For businesses that supply and sell electricity (such as power companies): Maintenance and management of power supply quality, and cause analysis when power supply problems occur.
  • Power system facilities – For manufacturers of transformer equipment, electrical safety organizations, and electrical constructors: Evaluation and maintenance of power facilities, and periodic maintenance and power quality problem analysis during system operation.
  • Large electrical facilities – Evaluation and problem analysis for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, vending machines, OA equipment, UPS equipment, air conditioners, and welders.
  • Maintenance and inspection at factories – All types of power supply quality maintenance and problem analysis, such as power line maintenance and management at factories, maintenance and management of production equipment, energy conservation for ESCO businesses, building maintenance, maintenance and management of treatment equipment at clinics and hospitals, maintenance and management of communications equipment, etc.
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