keysight (agilent) M9485A

1 MHz to 9 GHz Network Analyser

Model: keysight (agilent) M9485A
Description: 1 MHz to 9 GHz Network Analyser
Data Sheet PDF: keysight (agilent) M9485A


  • 1 MHz to 9 GHz
  • Up to 12-ports in one chassis, 24-ports in two chassis
  • Reduce your cost-of-test with full N-port cal, FOM, Pulse, time-domain and gain compression analysis capability
  • Improve accuracy, yield & margins with the best PXI VNA speed, dynamic range, trace noise and stability
  • Improve throughput with fast cycle time: 5 msec at 201 points, 2-port cal
  • Various configuration with standard test set and configurable test set
  • Specifications

    Maximum Frequency

    Dynamic Range

    Output Power

    Trace Noise

    Number of Built-In Ports


    Noise Floor

    Best Speed at 201 Point, 1 Sweep




    9 GHz

    160 dB (Typical)

    17 dBm

    0.003 dBrms (Typical)

    2 to 24 ports
    -20 dBc (Typical)

    -145 dBm (Typical)

    2 ms (Typical)
    • S-Parameters
    • Multiport
    • Balance Measurements
    • Time Domain
    • Cables
    • Mixers/Frequency Converters
    • Amplifiers
    • Filters

    keysight (agilent) M9485A Product Overview