keysight (agilent) P9370A

Streamline USB Vector Network Analyzer, 4.5 GHz

Model: keysight (agilent) P9370A
Description: Streamline USB Vector Network Analyzer, 4.5 GHz
Data Sheet PDF: keysight (agilent) P9370A

Key Features and Specifications 

P9370A Keysight Streamline USB Vector Network Analyzer, 4.5 GHz 

  • Compact, portable, and easy to connect 
  • Dramatically reduces your size of test 
  • Frequency range 300 kHz up to 4.5 GHz 
  • Ability to extend the number of test ports (max 4-port) 
  • Same GUI and measurement science as Keysight high-performance VNAs 


  • Manual test of passive components (e.g. antennas, filters, cables, connectors, adaptors)
  • Wireless component manufacturing test
  • Aerospace/defense manufacturing test
  • Evaluation/design validation in classified environment

Key performance

The Keysight compact VNA offers the good performance on key specifications such as dynamic range, measurement speed, trace noise and temperature stability.  It utilizes the same measurement science with the trusted Keysight VNAs, you can have consistent measurement results.

  • Measurement speed: 24msec (5201 points, full 2-port cal, 100 kHz IFBW)
  • Dynamic range:> 114 dB at 9 GHz > 110 dB at 20 GHz (10 Hz IFBW)
  • Trace noise: < 0.003 dBrms (1 kHz IFBW)
  •  Stability: 0.005 dB/degree C up to 4.5 GHz


The P937xA series, Keysight’s first compact vector network analyzer (VNA), is an affordable full two-port VNA which dramatically reduces your size of test. The compact VNA has wide frequency coverage with six frequency breaks, that operates from 300 kHz up to 26.5 GHz. The VNA is packaged in a compact chassis and controlled by an external computer with powerful data processing capabilities and functionalities. The firmware running on the PC has the same intuitive GUI as the other Keysight VNAs which allows you to reduce switching cost between models.

keysight (agilent) P9370A Product Overview