Teladyne LeCroy CP030

Current Probe, 50 MHz 30A

Model: Teladyne LeCroy CP030
Description: Current Probe, 50 MHz 30A
Data Sheet PDF: Teladyne LeCroy CP030

LECROY CP030The LeCroy CP030 Cur Probe was designed with a small jaw to probe curs in tight spaces and still clamp onto conductors up to 5mm in diameter. It’s perfect for testing applications on today’s crowded boards. Continous curs of 30 Arms and peak curs of 50A can be measured by the LeCroy CP030. Bandwidth is 50 MHz.The LeCroy CP030 uses a combination of Hall effect and tranformer technology which enables measurements to be made on DC, AC and impuse curs.The CP030 can be used with a number of diffe LeCroy Oscilloscopes. And with the ProBus interface, the CP030 becomes an integral part of the scope. And since the scope provides power to the probe, no external power supply is required.     

Teladyne LeCroy CP030 Product Overview